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    Thanks for your plugin!

    I have customized “Admin Menu” but I would like to divide the menus with the “Separator” that is present in the wordpress menu.
    In your menu settings how do I add or move a “Separator” between menus?

    Thank you

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    Hello @woodypad !

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    While there’s no separate element type for a separator, you can add it by creating a new item on the list and setting the wp-menu-separator on it like this:


    All other options should remain empty or default.

    I’ve noticed that the separator isn’t very visible nowadays (used to be a horizontal line), but that can be changed by adding admin-side CSS (in Branda >> Admin Area >> Custom CSS), for example something like this:

    .wp-menu-separator .separator {
    height: 1px !important;
    background: #333 !important;
    margin: 10px 5px;

    Best regards,

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    Hello Pawel,
    Thank you for your answer!

    I had already tried to do this, but unfortunately adding new elements also creates a hover effect, as if it were a button… Despite having set it Link to: none.

    This you should correct, because in theory I could also place a title there as well as a separator or other element since I have the possibility to insert a class.

    Also it would be useful to be able to assign some things for all roles and they are not for single role. I’ll explain better.
    For example, if I insert separators, or styles, I cannot choose whether to apply them to all roles or to a group of them. At the moment it is not possible I have to always repeat everything for all roles and every time I create a new one.

    Thank you

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    I forgot,
    the wordress menu has already entered six “Separators” if you do not make them selectable from the menu it is not possible to manage them.
    For example, I use css to make them visible, but moving the menu items, these separator elements cannot be moved.
    Very uncomfortable.

    Thank you

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    Regarding the Separator, I am attaching a screenshot so that it is clearer.

    As you can see they are all close and I cannot manage them.

    It would be enough if you made it become an element like those menu items, so you can move them where needed, or create new ones.

    Thank you

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    Plugin Support Kasia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @woodypad ,

    So adding separators by default is not possible in the Branda, except for the workaround that my colleague proposed.
    But we do have a feature request for adding proper separators – I’ve added yours also to the task.
    For now, we don’t have any ETA when it will be implemented.

    kind regards,

    Thread Starter woodypad


    have you evaluated?
    It becomes very inconvenient not to have control of these elements, because depending on what turns off, they are close together or even below each other, creating anomalous spaces that cannot be managed, especially if you do it on multiple user roles.

    It would be enough if you made them visible in the menu edit, as if they were menu items, so they can be moved where they are needed.

    Thank you

    Plugin Support Nithin – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @woodypad,

    We do understand; however, at the moment, I’m afraid, there isn’t any further update we have regarding the status of this feature.

    Our team will be evaluating all the feedback and feature requests regarding this and will check the possibility of implementing down the plugin’s roadmap.

    You can subscribe to our roadmap page for any further updates once posted:

    Kind Regards,

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