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  • This feature MUST be added to worpress for it to be truly useful when a blog gets allot of traffic. Imagine the big sites like Michelle malkin who gets hundreds of trackbacks. Now mix them in with your comments. What you now have is a useless comment section that no one wants to read.

    Trackbacks and pingbacks MUST be able to be displayed on their own page.

    There are numerous threads on this topic and no one has a real viable solution. This should be easily done with a seperate hook for trackbacks and pingbacks and a theme page for trackback.php.

    I do not understand the resistence to this concept, it is pretty basic.

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    I actually want it to stay as a plugin.
    It is code that would do nothing for me

    I use Separation Anxiety to display my pingbacks and trackbacks in my sidebar, distinct from comments.

    In theory, pingbacks and trackbacks are supposed to be thought of “remote comments”. In this context, there’s some value to displaying them inline with “regular” comments.

    It’s your blog, though, so you should control the layout as you feel is appopriate.

    Well, that isn’t going to do it for me. There is absolutely no reason not to have a a seperate hook for trackback and pingbacks. Then you can display them where ever you want.

    So far I don’t like the solutions available, but again, why should I have to hack around something that should not be forced in the first place. It is always better to code for flexibility.

    I don’t want them displayed in my comments section. I use inline trackbacks to display them the way I want and where I want. Now to get rid of those TBs in the comment section.

    Why Podz? It can come that way by default, I am sking for flexibility without learning to be a programmer.

    You said ‘MUST’ – and for me (and I would guess the vast majority of bloggers) I just do not get the traffic to warrant the addition of that code when there are workrounds to be found – such as the one skippy indicated.

    This is free code – we can’t do demanding, and there are features I think should be there but are not.

    This was enough coding information to allow me to do whatever I want with the trackback and pingbacks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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