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    My old setup:
    – multisite setup with several sites under it
    – separate standalone install

    The separate standalone install was hosted under a friend who disappeared and their website went down. I can access the MySQL files but I can no longer access the Dashboard or the FTP (but I have a back-up of the file uploads and the theme). I do not have an export of the posts from the Dashboard export tool.

    Is it still possible for me to re-create it under the multisite setup?

    If anyone can help me to convert the standalone MySQL databases into one that replicates the multisite database, that would be great.

    Any help appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Yes, btu I wouldn’t do it via SQL (it’s a bear).

    I would take the backup files, make a new instance on your own server (totally separate install) and from there, export and import.

    I honestly don’t know why that didn’t occur to me. Thanks again Ipstenu <3 You’ve been such a helpful guy over the years.

    You’re welcome 😀 (Do watch out for the normal pains of making that single site – the URLs will change)

    Hey Ipstenu 🙂

    I did as you said and imported from a separate install. The pages and posts all came in okay. The URLs are all correct as well.

    The only issue is that all the images are 404’d even though I checked to make sure that they’re all in the right place.

    I’ve tried both default and permanent permalinks.

    Would you have any idea why this is happening?

    The images are coming out with this URL:

    and it’s a 404; but if you go to:
    the image loads fine.

    I’m thinking it’s perhaps htaccess but I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to fix this.

    It is, indeed, your .htaccess.

    1) Did you update it correctly when activating your network?

    2) If you did, are images working on your other subsites?

    Oops, I found the issue! The site was actually set to “Archive” status.

    So sorry to waste your time yet again 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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