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  • ktrusak


    I am looking to set up a type of network with two separate user levels. One level would have a more extensive profile and features. The other would be basic users, with a more vanilla account. Is there someway to allow this type of member registration? I would need to completely different forms to account for the variance in information needed for each. I have looked through the Membership plugins and am a bit lost, help is sincerely appreciated.

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  • klipari


    WPMUDEV’s Membership Plugin allows you to create various types of subscription levels for your site.

    It does not allow for separate registration (and I’m not sure of any that do right off to be honest) however it has a handy feature that lets you set a landing page after a successful user registration. This would be handy for sending users to a Buddypress Profile page or any other type of profile page you create to collect registration information.

    They also have a LITE version you can try on for free to see what you think!



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