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  1. Jon Griffith
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Of all of the things I loathe in a day, it's making sure that all of my plugins are up to date, and/or uploaded to each separate plug-in folder on each blog.

    2 Requests.

    1) To be able to create a plug-in repository that contains all of the plug-ins that I like to use on any given blog that I operate. From that repository I can connect to each blog. On the plug-in tab for each blog, I can simply select from a list of plug-ins that I wish to make available to that blog. On the blog repository, I can also select on each plug-in which blog it should connect to.

    2) To be able to have one dashboard for all of my blogs. Much like I select a category or categories to post my articles to, I would like to be able to select which blogs either a) display which categories or b) also receive the post that I'm currently writing.

    When I write an article that I would like to be syndicated across multiple blogs, it seems to me that selecting "blog a and blog b" while writing would be more efficient.

    I guess centralizing a multi-blog database would be the best option, but that's above me.

  2. WordPress MU might be better for your needs. Think of it like having an unlimited number of blogs all combined. Or think of it like your own WordPress.com (which runs on MU).

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