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  • Bit of history – I’ve been using WordPress for minor things, for messing around with themes, a few virtual machines to work out kinks and bugs with what will and won’t work for my purposes, and now I’m ready to take things prime-time, and never run into this issue before (since I never really had to care about it)…

    Trying to setup a brand new server and running into a bit of a problem when attempting to “re-locate” the default media folder. I would like it attached to the 16 TB of drobo storage so it doesn’t have to be backed up with the rest of the server and can be dynamically expanded, but can’t seem to figure out where I can configure this within any wordpress conf files. Maybe I’m completely missing something?

    Ubuntu Linux Server 12.04
    Wordpress 3.8.1
    OS is sitting on 128 GB Raid 10 SSD (64GBx4)
    Media Storage is a drobo pro 16TB Usable 7200k HD (4TBx6)

    Everything I have seen so far has basically said to move the URL and update previous links, but I am starting from square one and want it stored in a physically separate location from the get go, with a custom URL such as “” as well so it was partially helpful but not everything I needed. This may be a question for the Ubuntu community, but that has fallen short as well in my search.

    My logic for posting on WordPress: I figured I can save data to the drobo when I login to the server ssh (mkdir, move files etc) so it’s not like I’m unable to save data there or wordpress wouldn’t be able to, so there’s an issue with how WordPress is configured that I’m not seeing. Again, I don’t want the entire WordPress install running off of the slower drobo storage, just the media itself.


    Moving one step forward in this thinking I would like to have static content (home page images, background files, CSS dependancies, Icons, Logo) on the SSD for faster page load times, but the dynamic content (larger images, video, music, zip, pdf etc) to be stored in something that can be expanded on the fly when needed. Any help would be appreciated…

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  • What about this ?

    Actually, ServerFault, StackExchange, SuperUser are better for this type of nice discussion.

    with a custom URL such as “” as well so it was partially helpful but not everything I needed

    FQDN will actually increase DNS lookup time. May be bare IP?

    yeah idk about that

    first you wouldn’t want to cache your theme directory or relocate it..

    it just looks like a lot of hardship there

    most cache plugins store their files in wp-content in their own directory I would guess you could symlink ..

    You are probably better off in the end looking to a CDN rather than doing all of that .. and I would look at tuning your server before you get into relocating things in that manner

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