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  • Hi all, not sure if anyone will relate (or respond), but here goes:

    I’m trying to set up an architecture that will allow a viewer to navigate from the “fixed” front page (yes, I know how to set this up in a variety of ways) to one of two different ‘home’ pages.

    My idea is this – create home_biz.php and home_life.php, which use query_posts(‘cat=-3’) and query_posts(‘cat=-6’) respectively, just before the loop to prevent display of entries with the other category.

    The concept is to allow a viewer to choose whether they are interested in browsing personal blog postings (cat3=home) or work blog postings (cat6=work), while preserving the independent use of other category tags, and allowing me to maintain just one blog on one WordPress installation.

    Perhaps there is a better way to do this? Perhaps I should really just maintain two blogs? Perhaps I haven’t sufficiently thought through the ramifications of this architecture when a user views a catagories page or an archive page? I’m open to suggestions, as I’d really like to get this right from the start! 🙂


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  • I can only empathize, as someone who has developed a multiple blogs personality, and now really, really, wants to host them all in one place! What unifies things for me is Google AdSense; all my blogs that use *AdSense* are now under a “corporate” umbrella name. They have separate gmail accounts, but one AdSense (etc.)login.

    With a wish like yours, to reconceptualize one blog as having two audiences, I would probably set it up as one domain with two subdomains, and then put duplicate blogs on the two subdomains, except with categories 3 and 6 excluded from the appropriate blogs. And to do that I would be relying not on my PHP programming skills, which are virtually nil, but on the support staff at someplace like HostGator, that has a full 24/7 support system. I would figure on having to ask questions a few times until I got it the way I wanted.

    Well, probably not that helpful.

    hmmm… interesting idea. Do I understand correctly? with home.php modified to exclude cat6

    and with home.php modified to exclude cat3

    but both subdomains still reference the root WP install?

    Thanks… I’ll play and report.

    1. Those are NOT subdomains. They are subfolders.
    2. Subdomain would be something like:
    3. What you described in the OP is entirely possible with two categories… and you don’t even have to mess around with “homebiz.php” and stuff like that. Just use different Category Templates (see the Codex).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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