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    In your list of plugins, there are trial versions or that the plugin is free, but to take advantage of the plugin you have to pay. Neither of them fall into the freemium category, why do we users have to find unwanted programs?

    I have two very useful plugins in mind, but there is no message while browsing the plugins. There isn’t even a category for these types of plugins.

    Plugins are;

    • BlogVault WordPress Backup Plugin – Migration, Staging, and Backups
    • AI Engine: ChatGPT Chatbot, Content Generator, GPT 3 & 4, Ultra-Customizable
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    The key here is that these plugins are connections to an SAAS offering. So, the plugins are open sourced and free, but the SAAS is not. This is permitted under WP plugin guidelines. There are many such SAAS plugins.

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    In fact, I’m not asking for their elimination from the list, but for people to know that these plugins aren’t really free or freemium.

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