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separate mail server – problem sending a mail from the Contact Form 7

  • I have a problem with a WordPress website. My customer has their own mail server so I have directed all the mail to their dedicated server IP (from the domain control). For this reason, if the receiving address defined in CF7 is the with the same domain name, the mail will not get send.

    I have used a workaround (redirecting mail from another address), but would like to get it sorted properly. Is there a plugin or a setting I need to change to get the WordPress/CF7 to send the forms properly?

    Thanks so much in advance!



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  • I too am having this same problem. I currently have my client’s email server handled by gmail (ghs.google.com) but still using the domains name (user@domain.com). When I assign a regular email account that’s not related to the server to a regular email account, it works. So what’s going on here? What’s changed all of a sudden and why?

    I’d like to learn what you’ve found out with this issue. I have a similar situation and looking for a fix. Thank you.

    I am not sure if it is hosting isuse, but I am having the exact same issue for a client who hosts with GoDaddy however it is not consistent nor works with the domain hosted or for other email address not hosted with this server. Each time the form says it was sent successfully. CF7 FAQ is pretty vague and says it is being “killed” but I doubt that is the issue. I received one test out of 6 sent and it seems like there is a delay of about 40 minutes before the message is sent. That email was for an offsite email address on my own server. I am trying to have it sent offline to a GMAIL account as I know it isn’t known to “kill” emails and my own personal email address on my own server. I tried to activate and deactivate the form but that did nothing. I have updated my site completely. I am using WordPress 3.2.1. According to my client the form worked with the older version of WordPress and stopped working after we upgraded.



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    It is a hosting issue. I’ve seen exactly these kinds of variable symptoms many times before – always on GoDaddy sites.

    I’m not convinced its a hosting issue with GoDaddy. I’m leaning towards a security setting on the email server. Although the website is hosted with GoDaddy, the email is hosted on another third party server. Emails sent via the CF7 to other emails addresses that don’t include the client’s domain name work fine.



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    I’m leaning towards a security setting on the email server

    Last time I looked into this, it seemed that smtp on some GoDaddy servers was configured to reject all mail unless it came from one of their own form emailers.

    I’m also having this issue with the same domain name emails not being received. The hosting isn’t with GoDaddy, so it’s possible it is a setting on the email server.

    So I got it to work and it was SORT OF working…a 40 minute delay before the client received the message. Then it stopped again for no reason GoDaddy of course says it isn’t their fault as they did a test email which has nothing to do with a real test. So, I am going to have to manually create forms using their own FORM MAIL. I am very sad as I thought GD was a good hosting service. Apparently not so much.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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