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  • I was recently asked to help out with a site ( where, as you can see, all the content is on one page. As it’s less than elegant, I’d like to separate things out but I’ve looked around the menus and settings, I can’t find anything obvious.

    If I click the “pages” link on the left side, I’m taken to a list of seemingly separate pages. When I click the “edit” button that appears after I roll over the page, I can edit just the content associated with that page (tho again, it’s all on one page on the site – maybe I’m misunderstanding terminology). However, if I click “view” I get a server error.

    In fact, I get a lot of server/404 errors when clicking around the dashboard/other menu items. For example, if I click “Page Order” and then reorder pages and then click “Click to Reorder Pages” I’m taken to the site but with a “Four Oh Four Error”.

    Another error – if I change the Settings > Reading Settings setting Front Page Displays from Your Latest Posts to a static page I get another server error.

    I could go on, but I’ll leave it at that for now. (I can always add more to the comments.)

    Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. And if you feel like throwing in a link that will help me understand WordPress’s structure, that’d be great. I come from an Programming background which should hopefully help.

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  • Yeah, you got a mess. I’d need to see the theme/widgets etc to even get started. Research Hybrid by Justin Tadlock to start to understand WP…i

    Good to know I was just missing something. I changed themes and things are muuuuch better. Now I can use my plain old coding skills to figure things out. At least everything’s connected the way it should be. Thanks.

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