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    First off let me apologize if this is already posted elsewhere, I searched but was unable to find a solution

    I am somewhat new to coding/wordpress…

    I decided to switch over both my business and hobby website to wordpress sites. I have Godaddy hosting and installed the hobby site first in a folder, set it up, redirected… running perfectly fine

    I then installed another wordpress database into the root folder with the goal of running both sites independently. Set-up, installation… all went fine. However, soon as I set permalinks for the primary site, the hobby site (in the folder) crashed

    I contacted godaddy. Their only suggestion was to edit the web.config file to give a more detailed error message (original was just a 500 error)

    I did some ‘experimenting’ of my own. It appears that the ONLY issue is permalinks. When I take it off, both sites work, when I set the primary site to permalinks, the hobby site crashes.
    Another temporary fix (minutes really) was to edit the web.config file, however I cannot do that on a regular basis

    My ‘conclusion’ is that the hobby site tries to pull its data from the folder, but gets confused when it finds similar files in the root folder, and crashes.

    I did research for the past few days. One suggestion (for a similar problem) was to change the ‘wp_’ name. I did that, but didn’t know where to take it from there given that both databases are already installed.

    If anyone can please point me to a solution, for example HOW to tell the first ‘database’ that it is unique, as in what designation to change and in which folders to ensure they don’t confuse each other. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Primary Site:
    Hobby Site:

    Error Message:
    HTTP Error 500.50 – URL Rewrite Module Error.
    Module RewriteModule
    Notification BeginRequest
    Handler StaticFile
    Error Code 0x800700b7
    Config Error Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type ‘rule’ with unique key attribute ‘name’ set to ‘wordpress’
    Config File \\?\D:\Hosting\7424368\html\magicbyleah\web.config

    Requested URL
    Physical Path D:\Hosting\7424368\html\magicbyleah\

    7: <rules>
    8: <rule name=”wordpress” patternSyntax=”Wildcard”>
    9: <match url=”*”/>

    Obviously the ‘easy’ solution is to NOT use permalinks, but I don’t want that. I want my page titles and URL to say what it is, to be easily found… I am planning on putting alot of time/effort/money into this site as a business and don’t want this ‘technicality’ holding me back

    Thank you in advance for any support, advice, or help you can offer

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  • esmi


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    Where exactly are each of the sites installed? Are they even on the same server?

    Esmi, thank you for responding

    I have Windows hosting with Godaddy.
    My Leah4sci wordpress database is installed directly in the root folder.
    My MagicByLeah wordpress database is installed in a folder called MagicByLeah that is sitting in the root folder



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    FYI, you mean the files are installed in place x. The databases will be on a completely different MySQL server. Barring a server issue, there should be absolutely no problem with running 2 installs like that. I have accounts running 3 or more installs without the slightest problem.

    I think you need to go back to GoDaddy and give them the details about the permalink issues you’ve uncovered. This sounds very much like a server misconfiguration issue. I’ve also tagged this topic to attract the attention of any passing GD support people in the hopes that they might be able to help.

    thank you, alas I have tried explaining the situation to godaddy. Perhaps it was my ‘luck’ but the rep who took my call tried talking to me like I was 2 and didn’t understand this concept at all (I am not a programmer by trade, but I’m not an idiot and I’ve been researching/learning for some time now)

    He also explained that godaddy does NOT help with third party applications and referred me to the forums here for support. I am at a loss and still researching (and crossing my fingers) for a solution

    the fact that the individual files (such as web.config) are sitting in the root folder, are you saying this is NOT responsible for the crashing of my second site? (it works fine when I manually change the data in the web.config file



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    the rep who took my call tried talking to me like I was 2

    Unfortunately, it is a bit of a lottery as to what type of tech you get. Some are wonderful. Others are lost if they have to move “off script”.

    He also explained that godaddy does NOT help with third party applications

    You’re not asking for help with WordPress. You’re asking them to investigate a possible rewrite issue on one of their Windows servers. This is what you pay them for. If you try again & get the same tech, ask to be transferred to someone else. Or ask for the issue to be escalated to a Level 2 tech (ie someone with more clue). Point them at this topic if it helps.

    There could be an issue with your web.config file – in which case, GD should be checking that out for you. Or it could be something else in the server that’s completely out of your control. GD have toi get involved with this. There is no reason why those two installs shouldn’t be running quite happily and completely independently of each other.

    I just spoke with Godaddy again. The woman was friendly/helpful this time, however I am still stuck with the same issue.
    She told me that she ran a few tests and that the errors were not holding related, but rather script-related

    She pointed out one particular line in the error message:

    7: <rules>
    8: <rule name=”wordpress” patternSyntax=”Wildcard”>
    9: <match url=”*”/>

    She said this is an issue with my actual scripting.

    So.. is this an issue with scripting? and if so, do you know how I can fix it?



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    That’s not part of WordPress. That is presumably from your web.config file, yes? If so, GD should be helping you with this.

    first of all, I really really appreciate your help. You don’t know me, yet you’ve been patient and answering me again and again, thank you so much

    Alas she turned me down and said there’s nothing godaddy can do

    I’m ready to give up. Is there a way to manually tell the files where to load from and such?

    it’s weird, because when I enable permalinks in Leah4sci (the root file) then MagicByLeah (the file in a folder) crashes, I can edit whatever is needed, if only I knew what to edit



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    she turned me down and said there’s nothing godaddy can d

    Hmm… I’m taking that with a big pinch of salt. GD must derive a significant amount on their total income from hosting WP sites and they have (or should have) a fair bit of expertise in this area. I’m unpleasantly surprised to hear that they are so unwilling to help you any further.

    Do you have any non-WordPress sites hosted on this account?

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support


    I know exactly what’s going on here. Without spending a long time explaining the details of why, I’ll simply state that if you’re on a Windows server and using permalinks, you don’t want to put one site in the root and another in a subfolder.

    This is because Windows servers handle web.config files differently than Linux servers handle .htaccess files. On Linux, having a site in the root and a different one in a subfolder would not cause this problem.

    The easiest and best solution for you is to switch to a Linux hosting plan. It’s easy to do AND you’ll experience much better performance overall. If you absolutely need to have a Windows server (this is only if you’re running .NET or ASP code), you could get a second hosting plan and move the sites to it.

    Here’s how you would make the switch to Linux. It just takes a few clicks and a day of patience as the migration takes place –

    Just for the record, you COULD keep things on Windows, but you’d have to relocate the site in the root to a subfolder. First, you’d set the primary domain name on the hosting account to placeholder domain which doesn’t need to be a domain you really control (like, and setup the site in the root as a secondary site just like you did with the other site. As long as the sites are in different subfolders that don’t fall in each other’s file hierarchy, you won’t experience this trouble.

    This is because Windows servers handle web.config files differently than Linux servers handle .htaccess files. On Linux, having a site in the root and a different one in a subfolder would not cause this problem.

    This is not the hierarchy involved and an utter lack of knowledge by GoDaddy.

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support

    Seacost, I apologize if this sounds argumentative, but it’s important for others reading this to know that what I stated previously *is* correct.

    Windows servers respect data hierarchy differently than Linux.

    For linux, the htaccess file closest to the data takes precedence. So, if there’s data and htaccess files in one folder and in a child of that folder, and parts of the htaccess file conflict with one another, the conflicting portions of the htaccess file in the subfolder overrules the one in the parent folder (in the above user’s example, the parent folder is the root).

    However, with the same arrangement in Windows, the one in the parent folder overrules the one the child folder. This breaks the WordPress site in the child folder because the web.config file in the root is controlling its permalinks.

    There are certainly other ways to resolve this issue, like manual modification of the web.config file, but that method isn’t for beginners, and such a modification could be destroyed by an update to the permalinks settings.

    Thank you to everyone who tried to help,
    alas I gave up and switched to a linux server.
    Both of my websites are behaving properly (now to customize each one… )

    thank you again

    Thanks for helping me resolve this issue

    Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier. I had the same problem:

    • Two different installations of WordPress, one in the root, another in a subfolder
    • Hosted on a Windows server using GoDaddy.

    I wrote up a solution here a couple of years ago in case anyone else is looking for one:

    WordPress and Subdomains

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