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  • Resolved Cath22



    I was wondering if you plan to add the possibility of having separate counts for each network instead of just the total number of shares?

    Currently I need to use two counters, Mashshare and Shareaholic on my pages, because the latter allows me to see the separate numbers of shares for each network, whereas Mashshare seems more precise. However, it would be great to have this all in one counter.
    Any possibility to see this in the near future. I would be prepared to pay for an add-on for this.


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  • Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    @cath2 Yes, its planned to implement that feature. The data is already there so we just have to modify the button structure a little bit. At the moment we have no ETA for that feature.

    @shareaholic Stop spamming our support forum.
    The customer is already saying that she is using your plugin beside MashShare so there is no need to put two links to your own plugin.
    If you had read the support request by the user carefully you would notice that. Instead you are posting useless advertising nonsense here. Have you prewritten that answer?

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Correct, that’s why we are answering all our support requests here.

    Please remove MashShare support pages from your keyword detecting bot. I noticed that you are tend to answer other in other plugin support forums as well immediately when that “keyword” of your brand is appearing anywhere. MashShare is not spamming your support forums so you should not do that the same;-)

    Thank you

    @cath22 I am really sorry for writing this non related stuff to your question here.
    The separate counter is on our todo list. When it’s done I will let you know.

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    *Reads. Ha. Removes modlook tag.*

    @cath22 Please excuse me while I have some words with shareholic about spamming.

    @shareaholic You are spamming. I’ve redacted your posts, I’ve flagged your account for moderation and I’m going to review and redact all of your replies.

    All of your replies and posts will need to be approved by a moderator. When you have demonstrated that you will not spam any longer then the flag may be removed. If you continue then it will be reported to the plugins team.

    Do not spam. Do not. That’s all there is to it.

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