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  • Using the standard home page layout, I can have the last few posts listed.
    However, I would like to have a menu item in the main menu, to go to a blog dedicated page.

    How can I do this without creating a child theme ?

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  • Set up a Page with no contents and call it Blog. Add it to the Menu using Appearance>Menus as per usual.

    Then in Customiz’it!>Front Page you can set Posts Page as Blog.

    Thank you for that.
    However, will I not loose my standard home page > slider, 3 highlighted pages and recent posts ?

    Go to Customiz’it! > Front Page
    Front Page can point to either a Static Page or your Latest Posts. So there are a few combinations that can be set (Home & Blog refer to Pages):
    1) Front page displays: Don’t show any posts or page
    2) Front page displays: your latest posts =Displays posts
    3) Front page displays: A static Page
    Posts page: –Select–
    Front page: –Select– =Displays posts
    4) Front page displays: A static Page
    Posts page: –Select–
    Front page: Home =Displays static page
    5) Front page displays: A static Page
    Posts page: Blog
    Front page: –Select– =Displays posts
    6) Front page displays: A static Page
    Posts page: Blog
    Front page: Home =Displays static page

    So try option 5

    Mmm, not sure this will solve it for you as you want to have posts on both the front page and Blog page. Option 5 will do that, but it will lose the 3 x FPs. Option 6 is my usual approach with a Static Home Page and Blog posts page.

    You can display Latest Posts in the Sidebar of the Front Page.

    I don’t see how I can do this then.
    I really like the default home page – the reason why I chose this theme.

    It would appear that I cannot achieve what I am looking for then.
    Very frustrating.

    You can do that by creating new page template. Check

    Or alternatively take a look at acub’s solution here. It will probably need updating for the latest version of Customizr, but the principles will probably be the same.

    Thank you for your replies here.
    However, in the current version, I cannot preserve the existing, default, home page – what I want to do – and also declare the blog page.
    Or have I misunderstood something here ?

    I think you’ve understood correctly. You need a custom solution such as my link above.

    Thanks ElectricFeet, I have indeed been looking at your link and have integrated it.

    However, I have had to open another subject for this regarding the layout loss of sidebars.

    Otherwise, it is great, thank you again.

    Yes, I saw that post, but I’m only a fledgeling php-er myself and cannot help with that one, sorry 🙁

    I don’t know if I have missed your point but I just have a category called “Blog”. All my blog posts go into that category and I have a menu item called Blog.

    You can choose how many posts for that category menu item to show in Settings. See-

    Slaps head: That’s a really neat way of doing it! Thanks!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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