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  • Is it possible to separate out the entire admin area for a WordPress blog from the actual blog itself? I’m thinking about implementing WordPress on a public website but I don’t want any of administrative controls/access available on the same server…they need to be on completely separate servers for security reasons (the admin area would be internal access only, the blog itself on the public server).


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  • To the best of my knowledge, that’s not possible.

    Would Administration_Over_SSL be an option?

    I’m not sure this is the option I’m looking for. Although it would probably make things secure, it’s the whole aspect of having administrative controls for a site available on a public server…even if under https:

    It would be a nice feature to add if WordPress would make this an option for larger organizations wishing to implement blogging software on their servers but allowing for separation of admin/blog areas

    Some awfully large companies have WP blogs. I wonder how they manage this?

    Perhaps they use rules in htaccess to control what IPs can access the admin directory/pages?

    I just thinking that access rules for the admin pages (by domain/IP) would probably be the best way to go if the two areas couldn’t be separated out. That being said, that means there’s probably a lot of backend admin forms from large companies available on their public site. Wonder if this is the approach they took as well. They might have also recoded the software to allow for the separation of the two…but I don’t have time, nor the expertise to do that…not to mention upgrading to new version of WP would be a bigger pain.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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