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  • Hello there,

    I noticed some missijng functionality on my site.

    Elementor Nav menu dropdowns which weren’t working, tidio chat widget would not show up. And a lot of other JavaScript related stuff wasn’t really working.

    I did the usual and disabled all plugins, and re-enabled then one by one. This way I found out that disabling SEO Press fixes all these issues.

    I read in other threads with similar issues that updating fixed it for them, but I have the latest version of SEOPress & the latest version of Elementor;

    Any idea what I could do to fix this?

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  • Plugin Author Benjamin Denis



    can you open your browser console with F12, then go to Console tab.

    Refresh the page where you see bugs.

    You should see a list of errors in the console tab.

    Paste them here please.

    If possible, share also an example URL.


    Thread Starter De Belser Arne


    Hey @benjamin Denis,

    I would also expect that there are console errors, but that’s the weird thing, there are none.

    Here’s the contents of the console:

    The only way I found out that SEO Press might have something to do with it is because when I enable the plugin all the things stop working (drop down menu’s, tidio chat widget not showing up, …)

    And once I disable the plugin, all is back to normal.

    Is there maybe another way then via this forum to which I can share you a link? It’s behind an Apache auth wall atm.

    Kind Regards

    Thread Starter De Belser Arne


    Some extra information I found out:

    When I open the website via Incognito mode, the issue is not present.

    Could it be that SEO Press hard-caches something?

    PS, I tried clearing the application cache for this specific site, but that doesn’t seem to do anything:

    Plugin Author Benjamin Denis



    Can you try to disable each feature one by one using the blue iOS toggles from the SEO dashboard page?

    Start with Advanced first.

    Clear your cache each time.

    Thread Starter De Belser Arne


    Hey Benjamin,

    That’s actually some great advice, it is when I disable “Analytics” that the issue goes away.

    And it might be related to this error:
    GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404

    That error does not show with “Analytics – disabled” but it does show with “Analytics – enabled”

    Plugin Author Benjamin Denis


    Hi @arnedb

    do you have some custom tracking code added to one of the 3 textarea from SEO, Analytics, tracking tab?

    Thread Starter De Belser Arne


    Hello Benjamin,

    It’s a website we took over, so it’s kind of you to guide me through it.

    There’s indeed a cookiebot trackingscript, which when removed from the scripts, solves the issue.


    We will look into this.

    Plugin Author Benjamin Denis


    Hi @arnedb,

    maybe the script are not correctly pasted in the textarea.

    As this issue is not related to SEOPress in the end, I’ll mark this topic as “solved” đŸ˜‰

    Thread Starter De Belser Arne


    Sure thing, thanks for your help! Have a nice day

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