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  • I currently have a wordpress installation setup on my webspace with which I have a domain name for –


    However I didn’t find that domain to be useful anymore and wanted to change it, so I registered a new domain name, no webspace, just the name and thats located at


    and it points to my first domain name where my wordpress installation is. It’s register with siteground so I log in with them to change meta descriptions etc.

    In saying that does this mean that any SEO hits that occur on


    doesn’t count towards


    What I ideally want is my new more relavent domain to be integrate with my original domain name in which the account also has the webspace.

    Please help (and also the domain names in this post are just examples in places of my actual domain names)


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  • Im no SEO expert but Im sure this isnt going to do you any good. Your Example2 domain will be seen by SEs as a redirect and so not ranked. Your other site example1 will be ranked and valued in the normal SE ways. You have to bite the bullet and move if you feel the domain change really makes a difference to your strategy.

    I had to do this recently and it was a hard decision but I chose to move and am glad I did. But its dependent on your business / blog / objectives. I have another site which is a blog only site and have chosen not to move and will have to live with that. From an SEO perspective if you have your keywords in your domain you are better off but that is only one of many attributes that affect your SEO optimising and there are many many sites out there that are doing very well without this specific optimisation.

    Good luck!!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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