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    I am using Seo Ultimate and had uploaded many meta descriptions (on category subsection) when suddenly it stopped working. It now freezes or crashes or says ‘internal server error’ each time and I cannot add any new data. I have contacted my host bluehost and incresed memory limit, I reinstallled the plugin but still no solution. All the other modules are working. Any ideas anyone??


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    Can somebody who knows about these things kindly give up a few minutes of their time to see if they can fix it/work out what is causing the problem? Thanks



    Try installing a test WordPress in a test folder, then install SEO Ultimate on it. See if there are any problems. If not, then there’s likely an issue with the content in the database tables for your SEO plugin. You may need to do more than just deactivate it. You may need to remove it and make sure the tables are removed, then re-add it. However, if you do that, you will lose all your custom-entered data for that plugin.

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    Brilliant!! I am a novice to the back end of websites but I managed to do it. Custom data is gone but at least the plugin is functional now. Thank you so much!!! For the uneducated like me here is what I did:

    1: Un-installed the Seo Ultimate plugin
    2: Logged into my host (bluehost)
    3: Logged into Php my admin
    4: Found 2 Seo Ultimate tables leftover after deletion and deleted
    5: Reloaded Seo

    It does worry me though how many leftovers I may have after uninstalling plugins!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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