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  • I`m using wordpress version 2.2.1 and installed seo-title-tag Plugin from

    The seo-title-tags for posts and pages are working fine but seo-title-tags for Categories and URLs are giving errors.

    When I use the form to enter or update a custom Category title. Ther shows an Error :

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘triloch_wordp1.wp_seo_title_tag_category’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT category_id, title from wp_seo_title_tag_category

    When I use the form to enter or update a title tag for any URL, including archives pages, tag conjunction pages, etc.

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘triloch_wordp1.wp_seo_title_tag_url’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT id, url, title from wp_seo_title_tag_url ORDER BY title

    help and direct me to the exact path please.

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  • whooami



    the exact path:

    the plugin didnt make all the necessary tables when you installed it. You can try deactivating it, and reactivating it, and see if that fixes it.

    If not, then I would contact the plugin author and let him/her know.

    I tried deactivating the plugin, and again reactivating it, and see the same error.

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘triloch_wordp1.wp_seo_title_tag_category’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT category_id, title from wp_seo_title_tag_category

    Please help

    Can any body help ?

    Try the latest version, 2.0RC1. We’ve done some more bug squashing. Let me know if it still isn’t working for you after updating.

    after installing 2.0RC1, I couldn’t see the Title Tag menu in my WordPress dashboard…



    I am running 2.04 WP, and installed the SEO TIltle Plug-in.

    I have encountered these problems:

    1. The Dashboard disappears after activation of the plug-in. De-activation brings it back. I can navigate to another page within the admin area, and go back to the Dashboard, sometimes it will partially appear, missing the WP plug-in bulletins at the bottom. [ ] PS> I just tryed it again, now it works but there is something wrong as this problem has occurred for two days.

    2. Titling of individual posts within the option area does not work. It will not display any posts, even after using the search function within this page.

    3. Pages do appear in the options area for SEO Title, but after applying title to individual pages (Who We Are; About The Site; etc. it has no effect. Each page displays the same name: Small Batch Strawberry Jam that did result when I activated the SEO all In One Plugin, and had the Plugin re-write the permalinks. I since deselected that feature within the SEO In One Plug-in, with no residual problem for the existing posts.

    4. More a question, will this plug-in allow me to set the home page which is the most current post (at the time) to apply a title to that? For example, displays the Show title ( Cooking Up A Story), not the main episode tile (in this case: Preserving Food And Friendship).

    Thanks for your help.


    i’m having the exact same problem with WP v2.1.2

    WP 2.3 is also giving a database error with this plugin.
    You can’t edit the categories.

    We’re working on getting this plugin compatible with 2.3. It should be ready in the next week or so.



    Yes, version 2.1.1 fixed it. 😀

    Thanks folks.

    Same problems for me, using WP 2.3 and latest update 2.1.1.
    do I need to manually create wp_seo_title_tag_url if yes…could someone tell give me the appropriate instructions. thanks in advance for your help.

    To Sebix: First deactivate the old plugin, then delete the old plugin directory and its contents. Upload the latest plugin and active again. You should probably also BACKUP before you do this. Worked for me though.

    to jashmu, thanks a lot it works and it does the job verry well. 🙂
    again thanks a lot

    I’m also getting a database error throughout. Also, I deactivated version 2.1.1., uploaded the latest version of 2.1.2, and reactivated. Unfortunately, the it’s not registering as the latest version (2.1.1 still showing on my refreshed Plugins page) and error messages are still showing.


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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