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  • Hello.

    Just looking through my google webmaster tools, and I notice that my tag pages all have the same ‘description’. Currently defaulting to ‘just another wordpress weblog.’

    I’d like to ask opinions on the following:

    a) is there any, or little benefit from allowing the tag pages to be crawled in the first place? Can it harm the site in terms of duplicate content? What are the schools of thought on this..?

    b) if it is worth the pages being crawled, how could I set up my tag pages descriptions to be unique? In the header of my template, I guess I could use the title of the tagged page instead of the description tag? As all my other pages have unique descriptions from allinone seo pack.

    c) anything else?

    Thank you in advance. I’d even be greatful of a link pointing to information about this, if it is a popular subject.

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  • It can be beneficial to have your tag pages crawled, but not always. On one of my pr4 sites I have several thousand tags with several hundred tag pages with pr1 and pr2 (and a few between 3 and 6) and these get huge amounts of search traffic. However when people get there they often don’t follow through to a post. You need to make sure you are maximizing the benefits of this traffic or you are probably better off not getting them indexed. If you are on limited bandwidth you will need to decide whether the extra traffic is worth it. If you have some cpm ads on those pages then you are going to get something from every hit no matter what else they might do and are probably breaking even if not getting ahead.

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