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  • Chill out twinflamesmedia, Joost owes you nothing — it’s a free plugin. If you don’t like it go install one of the comparable plugins.

    Having said that, I would also like to know when this will be fixed as it is obviously a major issue.

    It may be a free plugin but many people have invested a huge amount of effort in using it and to cut these people off is surely damaging to a reputation? There has been no word from the developer. Will 3.5 be supported or not? Do we find another plugin or not. If teh silence continues then I would guess a number of users are unlikely to trust the developer in future.

    creativitymatters: I agree. If this is a major issue affecting a lot of users then it would be in Joost’s best interests to jump in and fix the problem ASAP. My guess is that it’s not, because the support forum hasn’t been flooded with complaints and the WordPress community isn’t up in arms.

    As such it’s probably some incompatibility issue with another plugin etc on our sites, which one could argue is our problem first, and Joost’s second (especially if the issue is only affecting a small number of people — he can’t be expected to resolve every single issue experienced by every single person — let’s not forget how complex and varied an environment WP can be).

    The fact that I can’t be bothered to test the plugin on a blank WP install to see if the issue is with my site personally or with the plugin is a whole is indicative of the current importance of the issue to me, and as such, I can hardly expect Joost to drop whatever he’s doing and address my issue.

    In closing, consider this — have you, I, or Mr. Flame (appropriate name) over there followed all of the instructions in Joost’s “READ THIS before you open a new thread!” stickied post — or even read them? If not, on what grounds should we even be submitting a support request?

    Update: just loaded up the plugin on another WP site of mine (v3.5) with only a handful of plugins and it works fine, so it seems to be a plugin-related issue.

    I have WordPress-SEO installed on several sites running 3.5, and have had no problems with any of them. The sites are using quite a few other plugins as well. Must be a conflict with some other plugin.

    After a brief investigation it would seem that the issue only appeared with WP3.5 however in my case it is not plugin compatibility. If I use a default theme then the plugin comes back into life. That is not to say it is the fault of plugin or theme, just that a change in WP has caused something to go wrong. Trouble is I have not the faintest how to track or fix it. Any suggestions for other good WP SEO plugins? (I really do not wish to have to redo all my SEO stuff but ….)

    creativitymatters: I’m afraid I don’t follow — you’re saying that if you use a default theme the plugin comes back to life…have you considered that it’s the theme? What theme are you using?

    In theory the way to track a plugin issue is to revert to a default theme and deactivate all plugins. Then reactivate your normal theme and plugins one by one to find the culprit. I appreciate that this is not always practical — perhaps you can do it one step at a time (i.e. theme first, then plugin by plugin).

    It is not any of the plugins that is causing SEO to vanish. In fact all was ok until V3.5 was installed. However it seems that if I revert to a default them then SEO appears to work. There may be an issue with the theme (cyberchimps iFeaturePro) however I suspect that it is a combination of all 3 (WP 3.5, theme and plugin) not being ‘well behaved’.

    If you mean on the settings page for WordPress SEO, that the tabs do not work and you are not able to alter any of the settings within the plugin.

    What I suggest you do is install Web Developer Toolbar (on Firefox or similar) and use that to prevent the use of the plugins CSS file. Then all the formatting for the tabs will not load and you’ll be presented with an entire page of options to edit without having to use the tabs.

    Then when you’ve finished, remember to enable the CSS for the plugin again.

    No problem with settings, it is the actual SEO stuff for each page that has vanished. All that remains is the heading.

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