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    Hi There,

    I am using SEO ultimate and I have seen good reports about it. It was installed when I took the site over. To be honest it is like the does not exist in google search at the moment. The some searches coming through but really nothing for the keyphrases. I have been very successful with other sites. Sites are coming up from other countries before this one. But if do a site: search in google – all indexed and looks fine.

    What is the performance like for you, other users that is?

    Sorry I cannot add link as this will come up in search and probably will before the site and I am being asked to SEO on this site but I have set all the right keyphrases in etc. The systemt uses OG as well ie

    <meta name=”description” content=”
    <meta property=”og:description” content=”

    Do you think that is a problem?
    To me something is not right…

    I have changed content in the last 2 months, how long should I wait.


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  • Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Indexation has to do with the authority of the website and the amount of citation, traffic or prominent inbound links from other sources. Google crawls the web in order of PageRank, hence, the website’s with higher PageRank (CNN, New York Times, Etc) which have PageRank 7,8,9 etc. get crawled first and have spiders which essentially remain on the site to publish new content to the index in near real time.

    Other websites on the other hand (particularly if newer or sites that lack citation) take longer to (1) get indexed and (2) for spiders to return to have additional pages indexed.

    This also has allot to do with your website architecture and internal links (which is how spiders discover new pages). Hence, depending on your site structure and links (aside from navigation) determines crawl depth.

    What you see in the meta data is the OpenGraph meta tags (OG) which are designed to create prominence in Facebook and / or Twitter, so, that is not the problem.

    1) make sure you are not blocking spiders.
    2) add your RSS feed to Feedburner.
    3) sign up for Google and or Bing Webmaster tools and submit your XML Sitemap.
    4) get links from high Page rank sites (even a link from can create rapid indexation of your content) and
    5) make sure you have ample internal links from pages that are indexed to the new content.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Jeffrey,

    It will help,

    but I was interested in the performance of this plugin.

    I have had more success without plugins etc, I did not install this and I wonder if the set up is correct. ?

    I have had a look and to me are default settings – nothing untoward –
    My question is if someone has started using it and got better or worse results or unchanged?


    Performace is multi fold with dynamic systems like wordpress.

    Firstly the environment (hardware) that you are running your code in / on.
    Second the code itself of the main framework (WP) and each plugin.
    Third optimisation like caching etc.

    Make sure you use tools like google page speed insights, gtmetrix and pingdom to understand if your site / user experience is good and then work on content and linking etc. Low response times = low rankings!

    Having run a number of tests monitoring RAM consumption (and CPU demand) with different SEO plugins (with working sites) I can tell you without question that SEO Ultimate is by far the best at minimising demand on hardware – this increases repsonse times when combined with other optimisations like caching etc.

    As long as your environment is sound then this plugin should help you improve your results, however an SEO plugin won’t do everything – its probably 10-20% of the overall process.

    I’m running a VPS(‘s) with multi sites per VPS, so HW resources per site are low requiring the right setup to make it work.

    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith



    Thanks for contributing to the thread.


    I have installed your plugin on all my pages, nearly all having EMD names. I love it. It is highly intelligent. However I too have noticed that to a fault, all these sites seriously underperform in Google rankings re Bing rankings. Could it be that your plugin has over optimized my sites in G’s eyes?


    Oh forgot to mention: FYI a typical site is


    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    It is impossible to determine the root for how Google scoring algorithms is treating any website outside of trial and error. EMD’s in general have been hit by suppression.

    Our plugin merely allows you to implement best practices, so, without knowing how you are using it, I can only speculate.

    Sorry to hear you inherited a dud site — tools make SEO easier, more efficient. SEO is the art of writing the page content, the titles and tags. Don’t blame the tool.

    Google doesn’t judge the tool, but rather the quantity and quality of site aspects.

    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    I’m marking this thread as resolved since essentially his question was about indexation and the Opengraph data being added to meta tags (which can be removed through simply disabling Opengraph Editor).

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