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  • Use Squirrly SEO! Why?

    Traffic, quality leads, and conversion. None of this can happen without a properly Search Engine Optimized website or without spending huge budgets on ad campaigns. After testing SEO strategies by reading tons of blogs, and special reports, watching Youtube Videos, and even taking courses, I realized SEO is constantly in flux as search engines change algorithms.

    Squirrly SEO took all of the pain from struggling with SEO optimization and made it fun to learn, implement and get results. If I were managing one website then I could continue spending hours learning from various sources (many of which had no clue but you do not know they are wrong as your knowledge base is limited) but we have over 50 websites in our care. Squirrly SEO has enabled my team and me, to assess our SEO using their knowledge and the incredible amount of tools and resources which are all clearly written and on point.

    Yes, we have tried other SEO plugins but we would have to combine about 5 other paid software to get everything Squirrly SEO offers. AI-powered and fun to use. The advantage for us is we are able to let clients use Squirrly and they are actually doing more business with us in terms of website design and coaching.

    Neil Patel recommends Squirrly and I find him to be an authority on SEO. His endorsement, reading reviews, and testing of the software convinced me that Squirrly is a keeper.

    We get more traffic, leads, and conversions and as a team save hundreds of hours per year by letting Squirrly do the suggestions and research.

    Squirrly SEO is SEO Magic for a non-magician as helps us look like heroes to our clients while helping us generate more money for our clients and ourselves.

    By the way, Squirrly SEO works great with our web design software and is constantly updating its product and improving its effectiveness. Most software today barely evolves beyond fixing security flaws so, in essence, they are using old technology and assumptions whereas SQuirrly SEO is evolving in real-time so you are always using strategies that work today not yesterday.

    Thank you Squirrly SEO for making my business (and client’s business) more profitable while helping me work less!


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