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    I’ve found a great site which can help improve SEO with advice.

    An issue though is that I have to indentify the most important topics from my page and insert those topics between <h1>…</h1> tags.

    <h1>Important topic goes here</h1>

    <h1>Another topic</h1>

    Which PHP do I use for this. I thought it would be page content but there doesn’t appear to be <h1> in there?

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  • You can set the H1 (or H2 or any other levels) in individual pages within the editor.

    On the visual tab, select the text to be H1, and select Heading 1. If you look at the text tab, you will see it wraps your text with <h1> </h1> in the html.

    Don’t go overboard with H1 tags though. Only really 1 per page, maybe 2 if it warrants it. But usually H1 is for the main header. H2 / H3 can be used for sub headings.

    By all means, get in touch if you want to know more.

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    Thanks for helping out Progress Concepts, but please keep support on these forums instead of telling people to get in touch to know more 😉

    Andrew, my sincere apologies. I had simply meant for him to come back if he needed more help. Nothing more than that.

    Well I had to come back 🙂 when I select the Heading 1 in drop down I guess perhaps obviously it changes the formatting. Is this supposed to happen for doing what I want which is to just add H1 tags… am I selecting the wrong thing…

    sorry I just watched the video didn’t realise that was a link to something on the question too. So from my understanding the H1 format must be set in the CSS and I’d have to change this in order to use H1 but not have it as HUGE as it appears.. yeah?

    thanks lots from a newbie!!

    That is by design. H1 is larger, H2 being smaller, going down to H6.

    However, if you look in the theme options under fonts, you can change the sizes if you so wish.

    The size in the editor is not always representative of reality, so best to check the page itself with preview or save the change and try it.

    The text sizes are set in CSS yes, but the you select the text in the editor.

    See my last reply in relation to how to change the font size though, as the developer has included easy editing of the fonts.

    Cool that’s great thank you. I set the size to 14 the same as throughout the rest of my site as I don’t like lots of font sizes. The only trouble is the line spacing goes a little off. When you use that size as H1 or H2 (it’s not a biggie I guess but if it’ll improve my SEO I it’s worth understanding.)

    Just looked and it seems fine?

    Can you see this

    I didn’t save the dodgy looking one to publish just in preview. Be good if I could insert a screen shot in here…

    I can’t sorry as you have it in draft. its only available to you.

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    For SEO improvements I suggest install WordPress SEO by Yoast

    No worries thanks I’ll have another look into it with the plugin. I’d rather not start messing about with the theme if I don’t have to

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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