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  1. Tottenham
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm building a website where I'm using several Parent Tabs with several Child pages that appear in menu underneath. For example, I'm using a Parent tab called "About Us" with child pages named "Mission Statement" and "Bios" underneath. I have rendered the Parent "About Us" page as unlinkable - though the page exists in the back-office.

    My question is, in building a menu with several Parent tabs rendered unlinkable, only wanting user to access the Child pages therein, does this negatively impact SEO and/or user navigation?

    In this scenario, I have built a Page called "About Us" to act as an inactive Parent page, but if a user was to enter the Parent URL manually in address bar, they'd be able to access that page, though no content exists.

    Any tips, tricks, etc. are greatly appreciated.

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