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    Is there some magic to getting a Customizr static home page recognised by search engine spiders?

    WordPress SEO thinks it has no content and gives me a disapproving stare when I try to convince it that the page does contain key/focus words and that my meta description is honest.

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  • Hi Chappie,

    SEO is looking at your WordPress pages set up. As far as it is concerned, you have nothing in your home page. Customizr compiles your home page from the slider you selected, the featured pages you selected and the text in your selected “front” page and delivers them all to anyone who visits … including Google/other search engines. The content is being passed to users/Google/other search engines under the counter as it were.

    So just ignore SEO in this particular case. It doesn’t know the full story. Just make sure you follow its good-practice recommendations and it will all work fine.

    If you want proof, google dario alfonsi. I have a static front page, where WordPress SEO gives me “poor” rating, but the two-sentence meta text that I gave to it inside my “home” page is picked up fine by Google. (With an additional nuance in my case because I have 2 separate domains; so you’ll see the same effect in Italian too.)

    Thanks ElectricFeet.

    When I compare your (beautiful) home page with mine, I see you have a <title> tag as the first line whereas mine doesn’t. But we both have a <meta property="go:title" content="Stuff" /> tag, whatever that is.

    Do I need a separate <title> tag – and if so, where do I find my header?

    [Are you the chair expert or the web designer or both? I have a much-loved vintage Gordon Russell swivel chair at my desk which needs some lester repair or re-covering. Should I bring it to Rome?]

    We both have a title tag. The order is probably because I’ve re-entered it somewhere in the SEO panels (or you have (or the gods slept badly last night (who knows))). On my Italian site, it comes further down than yours. But the order doesn’t matter.

    [No, I’m just a (web-dabbling) friend of his; you need an upholsterer (the skills are different); and moving furniture across Europe generally costs more than the chair (not in your case (but there and back would kill the idea)).]

    That’s enough nested brackets for today 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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