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SEO help? Google only caching header.

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  • whooami



    Im not discouraging anyone else from answering your initial question however ..

    while this might seem important to you, I recommend taking care of upgrading before you tackle your Google thing.

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0.4" /> <!-- leave this for stats -->

    Google will happily cache your site after its been exploited and defaced.

    I’m intrigued now. More of an explanation might be useful, because I have no idea what the heck you’re talking about.




    im telling you that you need to upgrade. You’re running an old version of WordPress — exploits for your version are available in the “wild” (on the net, for anyone to download).

    You will not have Google to worry about once your site is defaced. There’s nothing to be intrigued about.


    view source on the cache and you’ll see that google is picking up the entire page.

    validate your page and fix the errors.

    whooami – A mere “I don’t know what the problem is, but you really should upgrade to the latest version” would have sufficed. Thanks for nothing on the original question, by the way.

    Charle – Thanks much. I appreciate it.





    And I respectfully submit that someone that is running a version as relatively “old” as yours is, version-wise, needs a little more than a “mere anything..”

    On the contrary, perhaps you needed to reminded *strongly* that you are worrying about the wrong things.

    You would do well not to kill the messenger, so to speak, I was doing you a favor by pointing out the not-so-obvious-to-you, or so I thought.

    I hope to God you don’t work technical support somewhere, because you’d be the tech support guy everyone despised — the type that treats everyone with disdain because they don’t know as much as you. You’d be much more helpful if you weren’t a jackass about it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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