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    Oops, something has gone wrong and we couldn’t complete the optimization of your SEO data. Please click the button again to re-start the process.

    Below are the technical details for the error. See this page for a more detailed explanation.

    Error details
    Error message
    Error parsing the response to JSON.

    all the site code..
    Screenshot 2022-02-02 024106.png

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  • save1962


    I do the optimization and get a no-code error


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    Same here. I’ve also tried to install the Yoast Test help as suggested in another post and cleared some indexed, but still doesn’t work.

    Plugin Support Michael Tina


    Hello @sudiptomahmud

    We understand that the SEO data optimization process is failing to complete.

    Can you please try resetting our indexables in the database tables by following the steps below?
    1. Install & activate the Yoast Test Helper plugin
    2. Go to Tools > Yoast Test
    3. Locate the Yoast SEO section and click on the ‘Reset indexables tables & migrations’, ‘Reset Prominent words calculation’, and ‘Reset Internal link counter’ buttons. After each click, the page will reload to confirm that each reset was successful. Note: Resetting the optimization doesn’t undo any of the hard work you’ve put into the plugin as the SEO data is also stored in WordPress’ default tables. It’ll just reset the custom Yoast tables that contain the combined data pulled from those default tables.
    4. Go to SEO > Tools, and under SEO data, click the “Start SEO data optimization” button to allow Yoast to rescan your content.

    Otherwise, if the error still occurs, you can refer to this article for more information –

    Hi @save1962 & @shemakeswebsites

    We are sorry you’re having a similar issue. Please open a new request. That way it’s easier to track issues and provide assistance. Thanks!

    Thread Starter Sudipto Mahmud


    Hi, Can i uninstall and reinstall the plugin? or wait for the update?

    Plugin Support Md Mazedul Islam Khan


    We are afraid to say that uninstalling, reinstalling, or even waiting for the next update most likely won’t resolve the issue. we recommend you please follow the steps given above to see whether this resolves the issue for you.

    Thread Starter Sudipto Mahmud


    The recommended step is not working.
    Now what can i do?

    Plugin Support Michael Tina


    Hi @sudiptomahmud

    After resetting the indexables and rerunning the SEO data optimization process, are you still getting the similar error message and response code from the drop-down arrows?

    You might want to try resetting the indexables using the Yoast Test Helper plugin, enabling troubleshooting mode in the Health Check plugin, and use a default WP theme and only the Yoast SEO plugin enabled, and try and run the SEO data optimization process and see if you are able to complete the process. It might be a theme or plugin conflict that is preventing the process from completing.

    no it doesn’t work. i will change plugin. I saw a lot of people with the same error

    Plugin Support Michael Tina



    When the SEO data optimization process fails, the error details in the drop-down arrows would provide more information about why it failed. There are lots of potential reasons (plugin or theme conflicts, REST API is being blocked, incorrect permissions) which might be unique for each user and website setup. In certain cases, it also just needs a reset (using the Yoast Test Helper plugin) and to redo the process.

    There’s no one solution fits all method here. We recommend that you open a new forum thread for your scenario and provide all of the details so we can try and help you out. It’s discussed further in this article. Thanks for your understanding.

    Plugin Support devnihil


    We are going ahead and marking this issue as resolved due to inactivity. If you require any further assistance please create a new issue.

    Thread Starter Sudipto Mahmud


    Hi @mikes41720
    I finally found the cause of the problem.
    The problem is “Tickera – WordPress Event Ticketing”
    Yoast SEO conflict with “Tickera – WordPress Event Ticketing”

    Read this for details:

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