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    I noticed that Recipe Card does not make use of headings but instead just uses div div div everywhere with no semantic markup.

    This is a problem for us both for SEO and RSS — the recipe comes out looking awful in our RSS feed. It’s totally fixable though (I think!) so I’d love it if you would consider these for your next release:

    I would like to request that (priority high to low):

    1. The title of our recipe be marked up as h2. As in h2 class= vs current div class=.
    2. The Ingredients, Instructions and Notes be marked up as h3.
    3. The prep time section be executed so it looks OK in an RSS feed. Right now it’s totally unusable and disruptive so we’re going to leave it out.
    4. When the Date Published is set invisible by CSS, please also give it a text label (“Date Published: “) that is also set invisible. This is because the date still shows up in RSS and just looks weird.
    5. The Save Recipe, Write a Review, Print links either work in RSS or do not appear in RSS. Nice to have but not sure if this is possible.
    6. Hopefully the above won’t impact the schema micro-formatting but I’m guessing they would be fine?

      This will help with the way the recipe looks in a feed. If you take a look at a recipe in a feed right now it looks pretty awful, see below:

      Raddicchio Recipe Card Test
      2013-04-14 13:57:33
      Serves 4
      When people think of grilled vegetables, they don’t often think about grilling a leafy green. But radicchio has the texture and body needed to stand up to the dry heat of a charcoal or stovetop grill, its pleasing bitterness nicely contrasting with the mild oil used to keep it from sticking and burning. The slightly smoky flavor it acquires over the grill makes for a great extra layer of flavor, too.
      Write a review
      Save Recipe
      Prep Time
      15 min
      Cook Time
      15 min
      Total Time
      30 min
      Prep Time
      15 min
      Cook Time
      15 min
      Total Time
      30 min
      6 heads Radicchio
      10 tablespoons olive oil
      Salt & freshly ground pepper
      Wash the radicchio, and cut each head in half lengthwise, bisecting the core so the leaves stay attached. Sprinkle the radicchio with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and let it rest a few minutes.
      Cook it gently over medium heat, turning and brushing with a little more oil every few minutes. It’s done when it becomes soft and loses its bright red color.
      You can eat it as-is, straight off the grill, or dress it up with balsamic vinegar and shaved parmesan or pecorino before serving.
      By Terra Brockman
      The Land Connection
      Wordpress Recipe Plugin by Recipe Card

      Thanks so much for your responsiveness!


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