• Has anyone experienced any SEO issues with this theme? I’m not sure if it’s structured improperly or of the theme is just not semantic but I used it to build a site and it’s been three weeks since I submitted it to Google and Google refuses to bring the site any higher than page 4 on results. This is a first for me.

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  • What markup concerns you specifically?

    That’s just it. I’m not really sure. I have built websites for years and generally, once I launch them, they soar to the top of Google. I know I’m being vague but I’m just curious if anyone else has experienced any issues? I have submitted a sitemap, I’m using webmaster tools and I’m not seeing any crawl errors and I think the meta tags are all ok (I’m using YOAST). Google is sort of strange these days. Maybe its just Google…

    There are some pretty major sites using, in this case, (the band) name. Sites like Amazon, iTunes, ect… I might just be up against some power hitters and it’s going to take some work. Love Gridiculous by the way. It has become my primary responsive grid!

    See if you can get any feedback from Google’s forum about this http://groups.google.com/forum/

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