• Hi guys,

    I have recently got up and running with a new blog hosted through dreamhost. I used to have a free wordpress.com blog but upgraded after about eight months. I imported all my posts and began add new posts. On the first few days I was getting search engine terms and referrals. Then I added to some affiliate adds and my stats have dropped tremendously. Are the adds affecting my page rank? or is just because I’m a new presence in the blogosphere?

    here’s the blog link: http://www.madeinthai.org


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  • Where were you getting search engine terms and referrals, you mean in your WordPress dashboard widget?

    What do you mean about stats dropping… what stats are you comparing and where did you get them from?

    maybe I didn’t make it clear. Yes, the search engine terms were showing up in my wordpress dashboard. My stats were say 70 views per day but now seem only about 7 +. Perhaps I’m just being to eager to get going….All good things take time, after all.


    Gosh, I’d look around for other reasons to explain this difference in statistics, but if you install google analytics you can see where you rank for given search terms, and then you could do some before and after testing with the affiliate links removed?

    I mean I wasn’t sure how sure you were about the stats, but 70 views a day is a healthy start and I wouldn’t want to see you lose that, that’s very good to start!

    For what it’s worth, when you look at the google analytics you’d see what people used to search to find you, and it’s possible they were landing on your site for a while there for an improper search term. But that kind of thing isn’t a longterm problem it’s usually a short term problem.

    I’d definitely have a way to measure and see if the ads are indeed causing the problem… I have a feeling they could be.

    Thanks for your reply rob! I will try removing the adds and see if the stats improve.


    Oh wait, I just realized I forgot something.

    Look into the “norel” and “nofollow” commands for your affiliate links. I think one is better than another.

    Then you can keep them on the page and Google should ignore them.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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