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    Thank you for your help…

    Since installing Sensei LMS 4.6.3 I’ve noticed some curious formatting changes and an error message at the bottom of the course and lesson screens.

    This link: is the normal format spacing for page width. The lesson and course pages appear to be about 400 pix more narrow. Additionally, the bar that is at the top that allows for quick editing of posts and lessons is absent on the course and lesson pages. How does one fix these things?

    Lastly there is a statement at the bottom of each lesson and course page that states “There has been a critical error on this website”. Perhaps all these things are related somehow?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi there @eduneering,

    I can indeed see that the pages with lessons, like this one, are paginated differently. It is likely that the Critical error you reported might be related.

    To do some troubleshooting, I recommend trying the following:

    1. Install Health Check plugin on your site
    2. Download and install Twenty Twenty on your site if not installed already
    3. Go to Installed Plugins. Click Troubleshoot on Sensei
    4. Try replicating the issue.
    5. Once you are done, go back to wp-admin and disable troubleshooting mode through the top bar.

    As for the critical error, it is part of the built-in WordPress protection for sites that have crashed due to bad or invalid code (also known as a White Screen of Death, or WSOD for short).

    An email should automatically be sent to the site admin with a way to log in and deactivate the plugin or theme causing problems. That email goes to the address listed as the site admin. If that address differs from yours (maybe an admin@ address), you may not receive this.

    Are you the site admin? Did you receive any emails referencing this?

    If the error message mentions the Sensei plugin, please send us the full error message (but make sure there is no sensitive information in there!), and we’ll look into it for you.

    Hope that’s all clear! Let me know what you find out.

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    Hi Stef,

    I followed your directions and was not able to recreate the problem as, I think, part of the issue is how the ‘MyStile’ theme (a Sensei approved theme) interacts with Sensei. This is the first time I’m seeing this issue in the 8 years I’ve used Sensei. I’m also fairly certain that Sensei is triggering the “critical error” somehow.

    I recently built a site for someone that used the 4.6.3 Sensei and a different collection of plugins and they experienced the exact same text I did at the bottom of their lesson and courses pages. Have you seen others with the same ver. of Sensei with the same problem?

    I am the admin and it does send emails, however the information provided doesn’t assist in solving the problem. It simply says there’s a critical error on the site.

    I did notice that when I chose to “unbox” the site content from the ‘MyStile’ settings panel, the lesson and course pages were no longer left justified. The content area was the same width, only now it was centered in the middle the screen. I’m leaning towards some conflict between MyStile and Sensei but have no way of investigating further.

    What do you think!?


    Plugin Support Stef (a11n)


    Hello @eduneering,

    Thanks for the thorough reply. Upon further digging, I discovered that the Mystile theme had been retired. This means that the new Sensei versions can potentially create problems like the one you reported.

    Not only could running a retired theme create layout problems as you experienced, but it’s only a security breaching point for hackers. My best recommendation is to look for another theme that’s still in production/maintenance mode and replace it with the current one.

    Installing a new theme most likely also solves the critical error.

    I know this is not ideal as looking for a new theme can take time and energies, but I don’t think there’s much more to do. Issuing a report for the bug you found won’t lead anywhere because the theme has been retired.

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    Well, that’s sort of what I was fearing. Years has gone into trying to fit this content into that theme. Guess this is the nature of the business, huh? Thank you for your effort on my behalf. I greatly appreciate it.


    In newly created courses I cannot add learners manually. When I click it, it never gets to include the learner.

    However, in courses that were published a year ago, I can add users without any problem.

    Plugin Support Jay (a11n)


    Hi @fdl2020,

    Could you please start your own thread, as per the Forum Welcome guidelines?

    Thank you!

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