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  • I was asked to turn this PSD [Image] into a whole WordPress Website…
    but it seems like a shiz tone of work to me.

    1.I’m an English user and the site is in Persian which makes it really hard to type, read, write, and translate…
    2.Only the ‘middle content’ is white, the rest are blue, faded, which I don’t know what to do, should I learn to code the exact thing in CSS or should I make a banner back ground.
    3.There are tons of buttons all around the page making extremely hard for me to slice, and write a code for each.

    In conclusion I’m so over whelmed by the tasks I have to do… The person who gave the files wants to make a whole website, he simply doesn’t want a theme so they can add their contents to it later, as you can see the contents are in the PSD.

    Someone, please tell me if there are any shortcuts for this, or I should I just give it up.

    Last question, would you guys accept to do a task like this, (Turning PSD to a whole WP site) even if the language was English, would it still be a hard task for

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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