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  • I have G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager plugin set up on my WP blog. It worked PERFECTLY using SENDMAIL for the past 4 months. These past 2 weeks the SENDMAIL no longer works. Also, I am no longer receiving notifications (except intermittently) from WP when people write comments on my blog.

    I have called my ISP and confirmed that everything is set up and working on that end. They say the problem is with WordPress and they can’t troubleshoot it.

    I have people writing me complaining as follows:


    “I tried to subscribe to “shift frequency”, but I did not get a confirmation, and my junk has nothing in it. The first time I typed in my e-mail and hit subscribe says, server issues, and then i did it again and said i already subscribed, but when i check for confirmation i have nothing, and ! when i hit “resend” confirmation, i still do not get anything. Please add me.”


    As I cannot add a subscriber I usually delete the partial subscription and email them to sign up again. I have called my ISP provider and they have CONFIRMED there is no issue with the server or the SENDMAIL program. I believe them because I am also NOT getting notifications when comments are made and that has NOTHING to do with G-Lock

    Please assist. Thank you.

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  • Don’t know if I can help but will give it a go.

    1. check if your ISP has upgraded their system recently – over the last two weeks. Many ISP’s have a firewall that not only blocks hackers from getting in but it blocks email from going out. Your host tech support will have to disable the block.

    2. Many ISP’s will also block emails from going out if your ‘from’ and ‘reply-to’ fields are not filled up or not filled up with a real email address. Your email address must be an existing email address in your mailbox. If you have not registered an email for example in your mailbox all your emails from your forms will be blocked.

    3. WordPress by itself, so far from my experience, cannot send emails to Google Apps hosted emails addresses. But if your email is generated by a form from a plugin it can if you install a SMTP plugin. There are many SMTP plugins available just download them and try them out. When you install a SMTP Plugin do ensure that ‘send through secure connection’ ie ‘ssl’ (this is not SSL Certifiction) is enabled and ‘authentication’ is enabled if not Google will reject the email. Set your SMTP host as at port 465.

    Thank you very much for replying, Peter. I will copy your reply and send it to the Support team at my ISP. They claim that nothing has been done to alter my service and that the SENDMAIL function is working. But hey, it’s worth a try!

    The SENDMAIL function is set up with my ISP email address for the WP blog and both the “reply-to” and “from” fields are filled in. As stated, EVERYTHING worked PERFECTLY until the last 2 WP upgrades. 3.3.1 was an intermittent mail-delivery interrupt “problem.” 3.3.2 is zero mail thus far. Of course this may simply be timing – ISPs making changes and WP making upgrades somewhat simultaneously. It is difficult for a non-techie like me to troubleshoot from a position of great ignorance. I have over a 1,000 subscribers and this, to put it mildly, SUCKS!

    Let me know what they say. WP 3.3.2 has no problems with Google Apps email addresses – all my email addresses are hosted by Google Apps.

    Thank you once again, Peter. I will post what they say. Hopefully, more than “say” they will “fix.”

    Blessings, Gillian

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