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  • The sendit 1.5.4 plugin works great for me if I use the traditional permalink. But it doesn’t work if I change it to:


    The whole website works good but the sendit plugin..

    The error I get is an alert box with “Ajax error in voting”.

    Using firebug I have seen that there is a 404 error underneath.
    Evidently, it does not find the path of my “submit.php” page…

    How can I fix that?

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  • Plugin Author bulini (Giuseppe Surace)


    Hi! can you send me the url? i can check it for you, (i am the developer).



    Hello, I have fixed that trouble. I have made some modifies here and there and the script works greatly for me now.

    Please feel free to check the source.

    Thanx to share your script to other people.



    I’ve the same problem.. could you help me and tell me what have you changed?



    Yes, I am getting the same problem. Have used sendit on another site with no problem but am getting an ajax problem with a new site.

    So would appreciate any tips.



    Had a look at the sendit plugin site. “The Ajax error in voting” seems to be a common problem as it is listed in the FAQs. The plugin developer suggests altering the chmod permissions on the plugin folder although he doesn’t say what to alter it to – maybe 755?

    Haven’t tried it yet.



    I have tried changing the permissions of the plugin folder and still no luck. The only way to get it working properly is to change the permalinks to default as attorianzo says above.

    Hi guys the new version (1.5.7) fixes everything, i finally decide to switch to Jquery Ajax library instead of Sack. Sack was the javascript generating the error “Ajax erroe in voting”. With jQuery this should never happen.
    Let me know if now everything works better

    Also please consider to take a look to this official website where i am trying to “sell” some extensions “pro” for Sendit like Scheduler and now the new tool to export lists as CSV files.

    Thanks for looking into this bulini. However, it doesn’t seem to work at all now.

    I am using 3.0.3 and don’t get any confirmation messages when trying to subscribe. Also the email address does not register on the mailing list. Have tried it with default permalinks and custom but doesn’t work on either.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Webwitch!
    Thanks to you for help me to understand bugs and issues…!
    Can you send me your domain to see with firebug what’s happen?

    Here’s the site with the new sendit.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ok! Perfect i understand everything.
    i’ve just updgrade now the plugin to set jQuery in order to work in no-conflict mode. I saw some unexpected $ in firebug console.
    Just wait some “minutes” and get the new version… 1.5.8

    Let me know!
    and happy new year to all Sendit “lovers”

    Hi bulini. Have installed new version – 1.5.8. It only works on default permalinks unfortunately. So whatever was conflicting with custom permalinks in the previous versions is still causing a problem in this new version.

    Would be good to get this working with day and name permalinks as is more user friendly. Sendit is such a good plugin apart from this problem.

    Uhm it looks very strange?! i never had problem with permalinks or custom permalinks..
    I tried on your website now some subscriptions but it seems to work.
    Send me some url where doesn’t work
    Thank you

    Hi bulini. I have used Sendit on wordpress 2.9.2 with no problem but there does seem to be a problem with 3. The first post on this thread had the same problem too.

    It still doesn’t work on my site (confirmation messages) – maybe I’ve overlooked something?

    Thanks for your help.

    Yep, the same issue here – the problem seems to be that the response of the submit.php script is 404 (even though the script returns correct messages, the header of the response is 404).

    I’ve solved the problem by adding following line to submit.php
    header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK', true, 200);
    put it in line 119

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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