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  • Hey.
    I need a form plugin that allows me to have one single field and a submit button:

    E-mail adress is the only information I want the form to send, and it should only have one field.. It’s for a newsletter, but I don’t want a wordpress-based way of doing this, just a way for people to send me their adresses, so I can collect them in my adress book and send something out, when the time is right.

    The Ryan Duff e-mail plugin sounds pretty good, but all I get when I enter his website is whiteness!

    In all other plugins I’ve tried, I couldn’t change the number of fields to less than four..

    Can someone help me with something great? And easy? I’m closing in to my deadline pretty soon.

    thank you!

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  • Do a Google search for the script you need. There are hundreds of sites that will give you the HTML/PHP/Javascript that you want.

    Why not use a WordPress option though? I assume that the rest of your site is WP based.

    I really tried, trust me.. I couldn’t really find anything.
    And I would love to do a WordPress option.. I am on WP entirely.
    Could you recommend anything? Easy? Something like I mentioned, with the one field only?

    Have a look at wp-contactform.

    I’m sure it must be easy enough to remove the options that you don’t need just by editing the plugin.

    I haven’t looked at this but it shouldn’t be a great problem to hack about. I suspect you could ask the plugin author for help too.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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