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  • So, after struggling for a long time with my site’s install of the 1.5 2005-01-06 build and the issue with Sending Referrers (see here: I finally had a friend who lives across the united states log in and try… and he gets the same error, must enable sending referrers. I also tried at work, on generic installs of Windows XP, using IE, and I also got the same errors. (On multiple computers that all work on other sites that require referrers, and did a few extra checks to see if the StatTraq plugin will grab referrals from Google appropriately on searches my site comes up under, and they did).

    If this doesn’t prove that there is a problem some where in this ‘security’ feature of WP, then I’m not sure what will. Obviously if the problem occurs across multiple different machines, several of which aren’t owned or tinkered with by me, then it’s a problem with WP.

    Hopefully a developer will get back to me and try to address this problem. I’m more than willing to export my MySQL database and zip up a copy of my WP install on the server for anyone who wants to do any sort of testing. Nothing configured on my sever should be doing this to the install as far as I know.

    Here’s hoping something is done about this finally aside from shoving the blame off onto the end user. (Or at least it will be actually awknowledged as a bug and not a helpful security feature that can’t go terribly wrong.)

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  • If it is a bug then why aren’t lots of other WP users having the same problem?

    Ah, it’s a beta version of WP. Nevermind, there’s probably not that many using it simply because it’s still in beta.

    Other users have noted this behaviour in the past, so it’s not an isolated incident, and does appear to be a bug. It’s never happened to me, personally (unless I actually do block the referrer field with my firewall), but I believe that it happens to him.

    Since it works fine for most people, it’s probably a server configuration issue, but exactly what that might be is very hard to tell, which is why he’s offering a copy of his installation for download – so someone can install the exact files on their own server and try and duplicate the problem.

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    Try to submit a bug report that is as complete as possible, then the devs will notice.

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    Since it’s not a problem we’re having zipping up your files will do no good, as it’s probably something specific to your hosting enviroment.

    But “probably” is not “definitely”, so if someone does have the time and skill to help Amiantos, they should.

    allusion – but it is a problem. I can no longer activate or deactive ANY plugins in my admin area (01-08-05 nightly). I’ve no problems anywhere else except there. I’ve tried all the things I’ve found in the forums, codex, and wiki and it still doesn’t work. I’ve truned off my firewall even. Still no goood. I even tweaked the referers settings in mozilla, still nothing. I’ve not logged a complaint in the bug tracker because in the past, what I perceieve as a bug in WP is generaly dismissed and closed. Meanwhile I’ve gotten my hands on the WP Plugin Manager and have not had any issues with running that. As for a host environment. It worked once before, then it didn’t. The only difference was going from the Jan 3 nightly to the Jan 8 nightly. What a difference 5 days makes.


    This may be a firewall problem. See my post under “Enabling Sending Referrers”.

    Regards. David.

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