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    First of all, I realize this might be a Dada Mail issue as much as a WP issue but thought I’d start here. I guess it sort of straddles both.

    I’d love to be able to build a Page in WP for my Dada Mail email update, consisting of a customizable area (for a little intro from me) and an auto-listing of the most recent few blog entries.

    I know I can set that sort of page up… but it seems I wouldn’t be able to send it using Dada Mail. I tried a test – I was able to send a blog entry, but when I tried to do the same using a Page, Dada gave me… nada.

    Has anyone experienced, attempted, or most hopefully, SOLVED, this particular issue? It sure would be nice not to have to hand-code my mailouts but to use the power of WP to get ’em out nice and quick-like.


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  • Sorry, I don’t have an answer to this one, but I’m looking as well. I’m going to check if dadamail has an updated version as my next step. My workaround has been to post the newsletter content, and then copy and paste it into the html section of Dadamail advanced send (I’ve got the fckeditor installed there) It parses the pasted content and sends it just fine. I have to manually redo any page anchors and in-page links, but other than that, images, everything is just fine.


    Thanks for the followup Sophia. Actually, I seemed to finally solve the problem shortly after I posted this. I don’t even recall precisely why I was having trouble originally… but I built a page template that included the posts/excerpts/etc. that I wanted, and Dada Mail was just fine with it. The only thing I discovered (and this isn’t even to do with my issue I was talking about here) is that for e-mailouts, one should not use CSS background images for the banner or header of the email – some email clients (Hotmail I think) ignore that code and just show nothing. I actually built it as an old-school table layout, with the WP code inside the main cell.

    I also recently upgraded to the new Dada 3.0 and perhaps that helps with any other glitches one might have experienced with the old version.


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