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  • Hi all.

    Okay, this might seem like a stupid question. As a beginner this is really confusing me. How do I set up a subscription for visitors to my blog to get a new post notification? How do I do this????

    I’ve researched this and am confused as hell. I’ve looked at youtube, web sites, the lot and am no closer to understanding this. There is a bewildering array of of seemingly endless services and obscure terminology: there’s subscription forms, CRMS, Funnels, campaigns, and so on. I am utterly lost.

    Do I need a subscription form plug in? Is that all I need? How does that work? Does that send emails? Do I need another additional bit of software to send the emails? Where does the email come from? Is it my email account? Is it somewhere else? Do I create those emails? Do I need another service that automates that? I’m lost. I just don’t understand it. Normally I can look stuff up for my self. Find a video or a page and be oh ok I need to do this then this then this…

    Help me Obi Wan you are my only word press hope.

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  • You definitely need a plugin for this. Options range from Jetpack to other plugins such as

    I do not mean to suggest one option or another, you should do your own research and testing.

    For sending the actual emails, I strongly recommend a plugin such as Post SMTP configured to work with an external email relay service such as Sendgrid (has a free plan) or others. Landing emails in users’ inboxes (as opposed to their Spam folder) is a pretty tough job nowadays so it’s better to let a knowledgeable service provider do it for you.

    That’s about all you need, in broad terms.

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