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  • Hello,

    Why is the plugin sending out back-in-stock email notifications when I delete a variation?

    I have had this happen multiple times. A product will be out of stock for a long time. Accrue a large amount of subscribers. We are informed by the manufacturer that the product is no longer available. I delete the variation and it sends out a back-in-stock email notification to all the subscribers. It is not back in stock. I did not put it back in stock before deleting the variation. THE PRODUCT DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE. It should not be sending out emails with a link to nothing.

    This causes all those subscribers to call us or email us asking why they have a back-in-stock email with a broken link. This is a huge time suck.

    It does not make sense that I have to manually purge the subscribers before deleting the product/variation and it is also a waste of time.

    -Slavens Racing

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    Hello Slavens Racing,

    Good Day !!!

    Could you please let us know the following information

    1. Is our plugin is latest?- because we made some fix to the last version where we added additional check before sending any email(product is valid and has valid stock).

    2. WooCommerce plugin Version, WordPress Version, Back In Stock Notifier plugin Version

    3. If any cache plugin – which one it is?

    Let us know.


    Thread Starter slavensracing



    1) Yes, but this has happened will several past version as well.
    2) All up to date. WooCommerce: 5.3.0, WordPress: 5.7.2, Back In Stock Notifier: 2.1, but again this has happened with previous versions of all.
    3) We do not use a cache plugin. It is done through WP Engine.

    -Slavens Racing

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