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    Hi all,

    I see the information from a submitted form is sent to the wp-formmaker_submits database table, but is there a way to send it to a different database table please?

    I have tried using PHP that is run after the form is submitted, but the values don’t seem to get passed to the variable I’ve created. I understand I haven’t actually sent it to the database table, but that’s because I get errors which I think are caused by my $firstName variable being empty. The test variable is successfully posted to the screen but the firstname one doesn’t show anything.

    For info, the PHP is being run after submission by entering it in the box in the ‘actions after submission’ option of the form

    My PHP is below. Hope you can help 🙂 Thanks!


    // Check connection
    if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
      echo "Failed to connect to MySQL database: " . mysqli_connect_error();
    $firstName = $_POST['1_element_first10'];
    $test = "Test";
    echo $firstName;
    echo $test;

    HTML shows the text input as <input id =”1_element_first10″ ……etc

    So I assumed that my PHP is correct, I also tried it with #1_element_first10 as the firefox developer ‘inspector’ shows it as input#1_element_first10.input_deactive but that doesn’t work either. Hope you can help 🙂

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  • Plugin Author webdorado


    Dear azibux1,

    SQL mapping is under development now and it will be available in future updates. You can either wait or do that yourself. Echo will not print what you have written as after submitting the form the data is being saved on database and is being sent to emails and after that redirection takes place. The function name where you can add your changes is function savedata() which is in front-end-formmaker.php file.

    Already replied via email, but as I said thanks! I will try to implement it myself maybe by tweaking the code 🙂

    i m send the data from contact form 7 plugin into database. after form submition i receive success full msg send. but sir how can i see the data on can i findout which table receive form data

    Plugin Author webdorado


    Dear engrali,

    Are you sure you are referring to Contact Form 7, or Form Maker?
    Thank you.

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