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  • Sending a Blog post to facebook business page. Can this be done? I see tutorials for doing it using note on my personal page but can’t find that on the business page. Maybe a plugin? All I want is the ability to send a wordpress blog post to my facebook business page. Having an automatic feature that can be disabled on a per post basis would be a plus.

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  • VArious plugins can be configured to do this…
    I use that plugin on all my installs. 1 of them uses it to autosend to my personal profile, the rest go to various pages. I’m not sure I can pick and choose which to autopost though. I think you either configure it to auto post everything to your chosen destination, or manual post…. but I’m not 100%, I’ve always just had it configured to auto post
    This one I”ve only dabbled with. I think it gives more options when posting to various services, but requires a bit more manual intervention. You can pick and choose where to send things, custom tailor the wording of the share, etc.

    But both can be configured to send posts to personal profiles, or to pages. There are other plugins… these are just the 2 that I know work for me

    I just took a look at the description of simple facebook connect and it says After activating the plugin and setting up a Facebook Application for your site, you can enable individual pieces of functionality to let you integrate your site in various ways.

    Do you know which facebook app is required for it?


    YOu make the app!

    Once the plugin is active, it will walk you through how to make your app. THe app allows the integration of your site with FB

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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