Support » Plugin: SendGrid » Sendgrid server IP is constantly Blacklisted

  • Signed with sendgrid but after first email testing noticed that some emails are not delivered, then in sendgrid account saw info that delivered are less than 50% of test emails – more than 50% are NOT delivered!!!
    In account also found following info that IP is BLACKLISTED and when you check you see that IP is blacklisted for MONTHS (last 7+ months) which assure that this is not an accident but sengrid long lasting practice!

    How it is possible to open new account with “safe” email service provider but to get BLACKLISTED IP, is spamgrid changing business to spam email provider!?

    BTW looks like sendgrid plugin is also abandoned, no signs of life in over one year, completes the picture of spamgrid unprofessional practices and spam business!

    550 "JunkMail rejected - []:52587 is in an RBL: Blocked - see"

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