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  • We’re having an issue…

    When an email is sent by a user, to a group, it shows up at from our site. That’s great. When you hit ‘reply’ on the computer, it shows both the site’s admin address and the address of the user who sent the email. That is fine.

    However, when you reply from a mobile device it only replies to the first address on the sender list, the site address. This means the sender doesn’t get the replies.

    Is there a way to have it put the sender’s address first? Or only the sender’s address and leave the site’s address off?

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I’ve been looking at this off an on for a couple days when I have had a few minutes and I cannot replicate what you are reporting. Can you tell me what email client and mobile device your seeing this behavior on?

    I’ve been through the code a couple times now and while I did find a couple of inconsistencies which I am in the process of fixing, I didn’t find anything which would cause what you’re describing.

    I haven’t tested on Android but I know for certain the client and I are both experiencing this on our iPhones.

    Default mail app, iOS 6.1.4 – iPhone 5

    The site members are also having this issue. If they reply from a computer everything is fine. It goes to both the default admin site address and the sender’s address. If they reply from the phone it only goes to the site admin address.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I cannot replicate this. I’ve tried numerous scenarios and can’t make it do what you’re seeing. However, I am also running with a version I haven’t released yet. When I started looking at your problem, I found some clunky code that constructs the TO header.

    Can you try this version and see if the problem persists. It will be easier for me to fix if we’re using the code.

    So, we tried the beta version you linked to and now when you hit reply-all it replies to every single person. We had to revert back.

    We need it to only reply to the sender. And I think the issue is the email is coming from the WP default admin email, AND the user who is sending. We need it to reply to that user, not the default address. Is there a way to just swap which shows up first in the ‘from’ field? This way when someone on a mobile device hits ‘reply’ it goes to the sender, not the default admin address?

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Can you capture email headers and provide them to me? What you are describing doesn’t make any sense based on the way the plugin constructs mail headers. A reply-all should never pick up all of the addresses in the BCC list. The reply-to header is only set to the sender. When the reply-to header is set, the from header should be ignored by email client.

    Do your email headers look anything like the ones in this image?

    Are you running any other plugins which might overload wp_mail() (which is a pluggable function)?

    When I hit ‘reply’ on my computer (mac) it goes to (our wp admin address) and the user who sent. When I do the same from my phone it only goes to

    When I hit reply-all from either place it goes to ALL recipients and puts them in a CC not BCC.

    I can’t view email headers on my phone.

    And no, we’re not running any other plugins that use email functions.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Can you capture some screen shots and send them to me (use my WordPress profile name at Gmail dot com). I’ve just run a bunch of test using Outlook, Gmail, and my iPhone and none of them behave the way you are describing them.

    I get the identical reply and reply-all behavior from all three email clients. I don’t have a Mac here at work to try but I have one at home – are you using the native Mac email client?

    If you can send me screen shots of your Mac and phone so I can see what the fields look like it would be helpful. I don’t see how the iPhone could reply-all to a complete BCC list unless your server infrastructure is doing something to the email headers.

    There very well could be a bug in Email Users – in fact, if you’ve gone back a version, there definitely is a bug in the construction of the TO header but it doesn’t make any sense how fixing the TO header would result in a REPLY-ALL emailing everyone who was on the BCC list.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    The other thing that would be interesting to know is if your site is using any of the wp_mail filters. In the beta release is new functionality which will report the existance of any filters defined and in use. The information is on the Email Users Settings page in the right hand column, it looks like this.

    If you have the wp_mail_from filter active, it might explain why the WordPress Admin is being copied on email.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I just set up Apple Mail on my Mac Mini to connect to Gmail and test accounts. When I do either a reply or reply-all from either, I get the proper and expected behavior. In neither case do I ever get all of the recipients who would have been in the BCC header in the CC list.

    I am not sure how else to chase this down. If you want to set me up with an account on your web site I’d be happy to take a look and do some testing.

    The best thing would be to see the email headers that are sent to wp_mail() and then the headers which are generated by PHPMailer. If this is something you can do, I can explain what you would need to do to get the headers dumped into the error_log.

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