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  • This seems simple, but…I’m having trouble modifying the sender name. I would like the email I receive from the contact form to be from: “example” instead of “wordPress”

    The confusing part is that the first time I put the code in, it seemed to work, however I saw different results on different computers. It came into my email correctly, but not my co-worker’s.

    I’ve tried modifying it different ways, but now it always shows the domain name as the sender, and not the text I have put into the form.

    Any suggestions??

    From FAQ:

    Mail that comes through the contact form shows “WordPress” as its sender name. How can I change this?

    A sender’s address is comprised of a sender’s email address and an optional sender name. WordPress assigns “WordPress” as a sender name if the settings have not been formatted. If you want to use another name so that “WordPress” no longer appears as your sender name, you must explicitly set the sender name in the ‘From:’ field in the ‘Mail’ section as the following:

    Sender Name <>

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  • You need to have something like <label>Name
    [text* Name class:text class:Name 35/]</label>
    in the Form section of the Contact Form 7 design page. Then, in the From field of the Mail Section, place [Name] and in the Message body section, include From: [Name].

    That will prompt the person completing the form for their name and place whatever they respond with at the top of what the recipient receives.

    I think I understand, but I’m having a slightly different issue.

    I’m not having any problem getting the name and other details in the message section of the email or getting the email address in the message section, but I can’t seem to get the description I want in the “From” section of the email.

    I want:
    From RFQ <>

    Instead I get:
    From Domain name <“RFQ name”>

    Thank you for your suggestion!

    Looks to me like the name and email fields are separate fields, so in the Message body section, copy the following line and put paste it on the first line of the Message body section:

    From RFQ & Email [Name] & [email]

    If your name and email fields are named something other than Name and email, use what is correct for your situation.

    This should give you what you want.

    To get the exact info you want in the email From: field you normally just need to use the correct standard format as explained in the FAQ question you have indentied. Follow that format carefully and you shouldn’t have any problems.

    It looks so simple. That’s why I’m confused.

    I am going to try again…..

    Hey, got any luck with your problem? I have it too. Help would be appreciated

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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