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  • Hi

    I am using contact form 7 plugin and I want to send users who fill out the form to a thank you page.
    How can I do that?

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  • Contact Form 7 doesn’t support “thank you page” feature. Could you explain why you need that?


    What is your issue with a Thank You page? Did you ever think that people use the plugin for something other than just to contact people? I enjoy your plugin and have donated to your pay-pal account, but this is ridiculous that you are so against this.

    Example why to have a forwarding page… How about filling out a consent form to purchase time from a personal trainer? What if you have a series of 5 forms that need to be emailed to 5 different people? These are 2 ways I have used your plugin.

    @djones101: As it has been noted by people in this forum and elsewhere before, plain text is a very hard way to communicate. Without a full command of human emotional overtones and knowledge of the context of communication, it is often very hard to tell what a person is truly saying. Because of this, I think it is a little hasty to come off at the plugin author because of one short sentence. I can see where you are coming from, don’t get me wrong! But my point is that his saying,

    Could you explain why you need that?

    doesn’t have to mean that he is against the idea.

    Chances are, that he was a little short on time, maybe pressed by a deadline or something, and he was generous enough with his time to look at the support forum to help people. As a result of this lack of time (or for the sake of speed), he gave a reply that might be a little short, easy to read the wrong way. Read a little differently, he could be acknowledging a limitation with his plugin, and then asking the OP for a good reason to add it.

    Or, on the other hand, I could be completely wrong; maybe he is against the feature! But needless to say, it is best to give the person the benefit of the doubt, and post politely in hopes of getting an informative reply.

    Having said all this, I do agree with your idea, a forwarding page does seem to be most useful.
    @takayukister: I am in favor of adding forwarding support. I think it would be a good addition to a great plugin.

    I hope all involved parties understand my post and reasons for posting, I wish the best for all involved 🙂

    Thanks all!
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    OK. I guess I should write about this topic and my thought in detail somewhere. It seems that my last comment was lack of talk and caused misunderstanding. It was mainly due to my poor English writing skills. I must study hard 🙂

    Basically, I think the “Thank you page” is an outdated custom and in 99% cases you should instead use better, simpler and more elegant way that Contact Form 7 supports by default. I’m not against it. I just say I can’t recommend it. Because I can’t recommend it, I don’t add “Thank you page” support into Contact Form 7.

    However, there may be cases you have to implement “Thank you page” for some inevitable reasons. For such cases, you can do it by installing custom add-on module doing simple redirection after submission. It’s really easy and simple. I’ll write a post about this in my blog so that you’ll be able to copy & paste it.

    Put this line in the “Additional Settings” field, at the bottom of each form:

    on_sent_ok: "location.replace('');"

    And make sure your <?php wp_footer(); ?> tag is installed in your theme’s footer file.


    There is a perfect reason for a thank you page: You can measure (i.e. in Google Analytics) not only how many people arrived on your contact form, but how many finished the process and submitted the form correctly if you had a thank you page.

    Without that you can only measure the people arriving, but if you paid Google or some other search again for sending traffic to your site, it is crucial to know how many finished their visit and took the action.

    I would like to see an optional “landing or thank you page” field in your excellent plug in.

    I will try sancho320 advice as an workaround. Thx and regards


    AnthonyOwen, yes, tracking form submissions is very important. I guess most of users who want “Thank you page” actually want a way to track the form submissions.

    And, the important thing most of them don’t know yet is that Google Analytics doesn’t need “Thank you page” to track events. There is a smarter way and Contact Form 7 supports it.

    If you want to know about how to track form submissions with Google Analytics, see this post:
    Tracking Form Submissions with Google Analytics

    I’d also like to see the use of redirect as an option. Right now I use Contact 7 for contact forms and like the way it works by default. That said, I do have some clients that offer a freebie like an ebook or mp3 audio recording, and like to use redirects because the contact form then becomes a way to “register” people who want access to the freebie. So in that setting, the ability to have someone fill out the contact form with their name, email, message, etc and then immediately get redirected to a “thank you” page which contains the info or download they are seeking is probably best achieved with a redirect.

    The hack sancho posted above seems to work nicely. Hopefully in the future, something like that or better will become an option in the settings for each form this wonderful plugin can create.

    Yes, I’d also like the redirect option upon success. I have a client that absolutely WANTS a custom redirect page so he can use the form to capture leads offering a free fact sheet download AND using a custom redirect to then offer upsell options. He’s smart for wanting a custom landing page. There ARE legitimate reasons for wanting this.

    Please just give us the option.

    I’ve noticed that on Contact Form 7 version 2.1.2 (the latest) that NONE of these hacks work for me (including adding the line to ‘Additional Settings’, or even altering the .js). You’re not really actively trying to prevent even these hacks from working now, are you??!

    Count me in as well for a custom redirect page. A client of mine would like to offer a coupon for successful email submission and it currently can not be done with this plugin.

    In addition, on one of my forms, the successful message gets lost and users have to scroll down past the empty form to see the results. 🙁

    I have a similar need to previous commenters. I would like to use the contact form as a means to gather user info in exchange for a PDF or other downloadable content. Would be great to have this capability available directly in the plugin, vs. having to find a workaround.



    In the same situation as msdana . Is there a simple way to hide the form once it’s been sent-ok? That would be sufficient for my client.


    I have followed the process here:-

    Tracking Form Submissions with Google Analytics

    The code I have inserted is:- on_sent_ok: “pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/contact/thank-you’);”

    However, this is disabling my AJAX green message sent ok notification. Anyone that submits the contact form still needs to be informed that their message sent ok, have I done something wrong or can you advise how I can still get the ok message to appear after enabling a virtual page for conversion tracking for goals in Google Analytics?


    My Ajax notification boxes aren’t showing, but my analytics isn’t tracking the submissions either, is your’s at least tracking the submissions?
    I tried with Pageviews and Events, neither works.

    i have redirected my dns from my original wp site to my new site. I made no changes to CF7, but now there is no delivery confirmation when i submit. (just the revolving arrows)

    Can someone help me please?!

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