'send trackbacks to' and 'post tags' fields not filled automatically (3 posts)

  1. moolcb
    Posted 4 years ago #

    1. A list of pingback/trackback urls have been filled in settings>writing>update services box. This list must appear with a
    click while filling "send trackbacks to" column at the time of making
    any post. But it does not work. I have to cut paste this list with each and every post. However please note that in update services box it asks to "Separate multiple service URLs with line breaks" (which I have done) while in "send trackbacks to" column it asks to "Separate
    multiple URLs with spaces" (which I am doing at the time of cut-paste).

    2. Almost similar problem exist while filling existing tags to the tags column. At that point when I click any suggested tags it is not filled in tags column and I have to type it manually.

    In version 2.7 there was no problem like this. But version 2.9.2 and version 3.0.1 are having this problem.

    Any suggestions.

  2. The list of "Update Services" is not the same as the list of urls to send trackbacks/pingbacks to.

    The "Update Services" are urls that you want to know a new post has been published on your site are so they can index it.

    Trackbacks and pingbacks are about linking to posts that are related to the content your are publishing. By default WordPress will attempt to send trackbacks/pingbacks for the links you have in the post content so the box on the page is only for extra urls your want to notify.

  3. deepakeapen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    But how is someone supposed to know what the Trackback URL is of a blog? if they haven't provided one? Usually I have noticed that it is just an addition of "trackback" at the end of the Permalink. Is that true? There is no help document or anything available on WP or Internet to know how to find a trackback URL of a WP site. Strange.

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