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  • As a webmaster to a client’s WP site, I can’t configure the admin send to configuration to go into the proper email box. When I leave the default alone, the email goes into MY gmail account…not good. How do I make emails go into the client’s email box? I have setup a forwarding through his hosting account to enable his webmail to be forwarded. So when I use his dot com email address, it automatically forwards into his gmail box. THIS WORKS…I’ve tested it repeatedly but when I try to enter his dotcom into the weird world of WP, the email just doesn’t get through…I can’t enter his .com address and have it work. What is the deal here? I coulda hand coded this two hours ago with a regular website but this WP is beyond me. Forms are always the most difficult part of website design…even with plugins it seems.

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  • Please include a link to your Contact Form 7 form plus all your input in the Form and Mail sections of the CF7 interface. If others here are able to understand your actual problem, they may be able and willing to offer a possible solution.

    No I won’t make the form public- it’s lame and doesn’t work.

    I’ve been at it all day without success…WP admin credentials are the single minded recipient for the program and all mail goes to me. If I change the email code…it gets lost and nobody gets it. The owner isn’t the admin you see and has a different email address. The plugin code only uses some kind of WP jargon which contains a username encoded in the jibberneese that it uses for the default email recipient. Change that and it screws it up. When I change that default wp address to the site’s dotcom- oblivion…says successful mail but never received. stupid code.

    btos, this plugin does work and you can send it to whom ever you wish.

    1) The best solution is to include an email address from the same domain your site is ie

    2) The mail to email address is the the “To:” box on the form creation page.

    3) Not that it matters but is there email set for the sites email address under settings?

    4) The “From:” input should also be like the “To:” else it may never get delivered. google likes to mark it as spam or phishing attempt.

    I know this works because I just finished 3 different contact forms and using my own site email address in the form.

    Lastly you could always set up a Bcc: in the “Additional Headers:” input box.

    Best of luck

    Not here to argue. Code isn’t my thing, though I’ve designed websites for 13 years and can do it. PHP is definitely not on my list of skillsets but it seems that you must know it to use this particular form. Yesterday I tried four different form plugins and couldn’t get any of them to work. I’ve checked the GoDaddy email inbox and nothing ever comes in. I test from my gmail to the website’s address and it works. The server is setup correctly.

    The settings in 7 are code oriented and very confusing. The first box is entitled form and presents a lot of jibberish that I do not understand how to use- something about generate a tab. Weird. I pressed that button but have no idea what happened. Since I do not understand alien code languages and the interface is designed for aliens, yesterday the entire day was spent with tedious testing and troubleshooting that did NOT WORK!! I’m just not an elite php coder and that is one reason why I chose to learn how to use WP. Out of four WP sites I run, NONE have a contact page…YET.
    The scenario is:
    “To” is set to
    “From” is also set to same.
    shortcode goes into contact page.
    Page opens up nicely.
    Form submitted successfully.
    Results are always nil.

    As already asked by user buzztone above, please post all that “jibberish” input from your CF7 interface, especially that “username encoded in the jibberneese”, then others might be able to help.

    An alternative would be to hire somebody e.g. here:

    That’s all folks. This thing doesn’t work. Taking it down. Moving on to one that is easier and works. No help here.

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