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    We have about 5 member/user levels on our site. We’ve set up Email Users and everything was working fine till this week. Now the plugin won’t email to one of the groups. It acts like it’s working, but no one receives the emails.

    Sometimes we get this message:
    “Email has been sent to $num_sent users, but 57 recipients were originally found. Perhaps some users don’t have valid email addresses?”

    Other times it just acts like it works…

    What is strange is that is was working, and we can still email the other user groups. But, we can’t email this one group. We can’t even send individual emails to the members of this group.


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  • “We have about 5 member/user levels on our site.”

    you are lucky to have 5 levels , can you please advise how can i create multiple levels to my users?? please send me a documentation to explain


    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I am looking at the error message you reported and there is a bug (which I am in the process of fixing) that is preventing the plugin from reporting how many email addresses were not included in the email ($num_sent should be a number in the error message).

    The bug doesn’t prevent the mail from going out. What happens is when you select one or more roles, the list of users is requested for that role and as long as the user is set up to receive mass email, that user is included in the recipient list.

    So if the role included 57 users but none of the users allows mass email, none of them will receive it.

    Have you verified the email users settings for each user?

    Estava com o plugin funcionando perfeitamente até a semana passada.
    Hoje quando tento acessar ele não mostra os usuários para que eu possa enviar.
    Segue print



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    He was with the plugin working perfectly until last week. Today when I try to access it does not show users that I can send. Follows print

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    It looks like the User Settings have been changed for the users such that they don’t receive email. Can you check your users settings under the Email-Users menu and make sure they “Receive Mass Email” setting is on for the users who should receive email?

    They are all qualified and do not appear

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    What versions of WordPress, PHP and Email-Users are you running? I have posted some screen shorts on my blog that show what I have on my site. You can find it here.

    Have you installed or updated any other plugins recently? Have you disabled all other plugins and verified the problem persists?

    I am sorry I didn’t see this till just now. We actually got our original issue figured out… one of the users had a bad email address and for some reason it wouldn’t send to anyone on the list till we fixed his email.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    The bad address was probably corrupting the mail header which WordPress wouldn’t know about. Glad to hear you got it resolved.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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