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  • Hello!
    I use Gravity Forms (GF) for all the forms in our site.

    When a user submits the info thru any forms, (GF) sens an email notification to the admin with all the info submitted by the user.

    I want to send this notification NOT AS A EMAIL but as text message to a Verizon Number. (im not yelling, sorry).

    Verizon allows to send text message from our mails like this:

    If i set any mail domain on notifications settings like: yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc then the notification is sent except the Verizon format.

    I´ve already contacted (GF) support and they say that Notifications settings are correctly set, but wp_mail.php is the one that handles sending emails.

    In some forums they say that email notifications are not sent MAYBE due to policy restrictions.

    I already test sending a email to from my Yahoo account and it´s sent and received correctly.

    Anybody knows or have an idea what may be happening? Thanks in advanced

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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