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  • Hello,

    After a few hours of fruitless searching, I thought it might be better to ask:

    Among all the plugins that allow user and role modifications, is there one that will hold changes to already published posts and pages until they are approved by the admin?

    Currently the best plugins I have been able to find enable particular users to submit NEW posts and pages for review, but if I allow them to edit posts/pages after publishing then they can make changes to live pages without the admin ever knowing.

    Is there any way (plugin or otherwise) to allow a user to be responsible for maintaining particular posts/pages BUT not publishing the posts/pages? In other words, whether they are creating new posts/pages or editing existing ones, they always have the “Submit for Review” button, not “Publish” or “Update”.

    Hope this makes sense, and fingers crossed someone’s figured out how to do it. Thanks!

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  • I would like an answer to this as well. I was able to create custom roles without having to revert to a plugin. Now all I need is the ability to submit changes to already published pages for review.

    Thanks for any help on this!

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